Monday 2nd of August 2021

Quite The Champion…and quite the start up

What started as a school project during lockdown has turned in to an exciting new start up for sisters Honey, 11, and Coco, 9, who have turned their love of bags in to a business, thanks to help from their father, artist Jeremy Houghton.

What inspired you to set up Quite the Champion? 
We love doing riding competitions and we never have enough bags! So we thought we should design some of our own! We also want to make other country accessories too, but we need to make some money first!

What made you decide to turn it into a business?
It was because we had so much interest from our Instagram and Facebook pages, that we realised people really liked our ideas. So we added a few labels and prices to our bags and sold some! 

What is the biggest thing you have learnt so far about running a business?
We’ve realised that it really helps if you can get some well known people to use and share your things! So when British Eventer Chuffy Clarke agreed to use one of our bags we knew it would help!

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What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to launch their own business?
Put anything you want to sell out there. You will soon find out if people like it. Listen to how people respond and follow their advice. 

What can we look forward to in your collection when you launch in May?
We want to make more equestrian products like saddle pads and riding clothes. We are sponsoring the Waverton event in August and will have our new stuff then.

Tell me about your ponies?
We both ride with the North Cotswold Pony Club. Honey rides Barney who is a 15h Connie who loves his dressage. Coco rides Toby who absolutely loves cross country. 

You recently rode 100 miles for the Rafiki Foundation, which is incredible!

Yes after lockdown was lifted we took our dad, our grand parents and our ponies to Exmoor to ride for a week. It was really good fun and we did about 20 miles a day. We raised money for the Rafiki foundation, which is a local charity raising money for children’s education in Africa. 


Honey and Coco are definitely ones to watch and their enthusiasm for their products and energy is both refreshing and inspiring. Head over to our Instagram for a fabulous Giveaway to win a large travel bag worth £75.

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