Thursday 29th of September 2022

Snuggy Hoods Turnout Hood


The Blurb:

The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood is the ultimate time-saver for the busy rider when bringing wet, muddy horses in from the field. It gives back hours spent grooming so that you have more time to ride and enjoy your horse or pony. 

It can also be used in the stable to prevent stable stains and to protect plaits before a show being the most versatile Hood on the market 

Constructed of a robust yet breathable, shower proof, fully washable stretch fabric and lined with a silky “shoulder and mane saver©” to prevent these areas from being rubbed or chaffed. It is designed for use all year round. 

The Turn Out Hood also features a water repellent finish, an adjustable nose for better fit, self-fixing surcingle and elastic poll adjusters for added security. 

There is the option of a zip for ease of fitting which runs from chin to chest. Without the zip the Hood is ‘pull on’ so simply slipped over the nose and pulled back into position. 

Now with Ears as standard. Ears can be easily cut off if not required. 

Sizes – XXXS to XXL  from £75-£80


photo-99The Review:

How I wish I had this last year when Mischief’s mane was wrecked by her rugs.  It is a lifesaver and a firm part of her wardrobe now.  She was a bit unsure first time we tried it on, but is a dab hand now and I think rather likes the new look!

Will definitely be investing in more for the ponies – grooming is so much easier and they wash really well too.

Cannot speak more highly of this product.  A revelation ! 

 For more information, please visit Snuggy Hoods website




Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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