Thursday 4th of August 2022

Summer Rugging for Warmer Climates


In this issue we talk to Bucas expert, Claire Nulty, on the topic of summer rugging.

Question: What are the main types of summer rugs all owners should have in their horse’s wardrobe.

Answer: We would recommend all horse owners have a lightweight rain sheet for their horses throughout the summer months.

The Bucas Sun Shower is a lightweight turnout rug making it the perfect choice when all other turnouts are too heavy and warm. It is developed to cater for both rain and sunshine being waterproof and breathable.

The Bucas Sun Shower rug

The anti-UV rug has no lining only a mesh to help circulate the air around underneath the rug. The sun reflective colour of the rug helps reduce overheating whilst the silk-feel lining on the shoulders helps to prevent rubs.

Bucas also recommend having a fly rug in your horse’s summer wardrobe. The Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra range of fly and insect protection products with zebra print are made from a specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric that blocks even the smallest of insects.

The Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra range includes a Full Neck Rug, a Rain Rug, a Full Neck Fly Sheet and a Fly Mask. Research has shown that flies avoid the Zebra stripes as they find them confusing, which is perfect for protecting your horses from those irritating flies.

Question: Are there any rugs lots of owners have, but are perhaps not a necessity?

Answer: Horse owners will always find a need for a rug. As the saying goes “one can never have enough shoes” this can also apply to horse rugs.

Bucas offer a range of rug linings including the Stay-dry lining which can be put on a wet horse and the Stay-dry material will wick the moisture from the horse’s skin helping to dry the horse faster.

This lining reduces the need to wait or physically dry your horse before putting his rug on ensuring that he will be comfortable. This will eliminate the need for a supply of under rugs for wet horses reducing the amount of rugs you actually need.

Question: What summer rugging mistakes do horse owners commonly make?

Answer: A summer rugging mistake that horse owners commonly make is not rugging during the summer months. People often think they are being nice to the horse by turning the horses out with no rug on and whilst it is great for the skin but only in moderation.

Bucas Buzz-Off X

Rugs can help protect your horse’s hair from getting bleached out by the sun and when you are in the middle of a busy competition season you want your horse looking their best. Protecting their coat is very important. Many horses will also need protection from flies. The Buzz-Off X is a fly sheet made from special extra-long lightweight mesh fabric that helps block out flies and protects against sun bleaching.

Question: How can horse owners save money when planning a summer rugging schedule (maybe doubling up rug uses, EG: UV and fly rug, rain sheet and turnout?)

Answer: The Bucas X fly sheet helps block out flies and protects against sun bleaching so is excellent for use in dry, warm weather when a lightweight rain sheet isn’t required.

A lightweight rain sheet can be used on its own during the warmer months or with another layer underneath if temperatures drop. Many people use a full neck fly rug during show season as a ‘stay clean’ rug. The full neck helps protect plaited manes while horses are in the stable overnight before shows.  

Question: Any other top tips for keeping your rugged horse happy and healthy over summer?

Answer: Bucas recommend removing rugs daily as it is important to check the horse’s skin and allow it to breathe. If you remove the rug and check all the fastenings daily this will nip any skin issues in the bud before they develop into a much bigger problem.

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