Tuesday 15th of September 2020
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Sycamore Trees & Equine Atypical Myopathy




A “surge of cases” of the deadly disease equine atypical myopathy (EAM) has been reported across England in the past few days.


Horse & Hound magazine and Horse & Country TV have written these 2 must-read articles, which bring you everything you need to know to protect your horses. We must all spread the awareness of this devastating disease and reduce the number of horses affected.


Click here for Horse & Hound’s article


Click here for Horse & Country TV’s article  


The Blue Cross Education Team has worked with veterinary experts at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic to put together the following advice to help horse owners prevent atypical myopathy:

– Feed forage, such as hay in parched fields, off the floor in haynets or feed racks
– Do not over stock
– Limit turnout. Ideally stable horses over night
– Section off areas around poisonous trees and collect and dispose of leaves safely away from horses
– Remove young sapling plants
– Be careful of streams running through paddocks as this is thought to be more prevalent in moist places
– Be vigilant of the potential signs of this disease and act quickly if your horse becomes poorly.
– Ensure you check your horse regularly at least twice daily
– Check your pet insurance is up to date



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