Saturday 8th of May 2021

Time out with Chukka Wellness

Making time for yourself is hard at the mo but seeing all the Valentine’s posts recently about self love and self care really resonated that now, more than ever, we need to look after ourselves amidst the juggle, monotony and weirdness of this prolonged way of lockdown life so that when we are finally “released” we are ready for anything.

I am delighted to welcome India Parker-Smith, founder of Chukka Wellness to you all. Some of you will already know India through her work with polo players and her support of the Ladies Polo Foundation and in her weekly slot, India will be sharing a short stretch or exercise that you can do at home.

Have you been sat down all day? Stuck at the laptop home schooling or chilling on the sofa? Suffering from neck pain? In her first video for The Gaitpost, India shares a great neck stretch to ease any tension. This is also a great stretch to try after you hop off the horse especially if you’ve been riding a youngster.

If you’re looking to improve your polo athletic performance and reduce muscle or joint pain, visit Chukka Wellness to find out about clinics and pre-season training here

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