Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Valegro, the Little Horse with the Big Dream

Team Hester are delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of their first book from ‘The Blueberry Stories’ which is available to pre-order on E-Book now to coincide with Rio 2016.

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Equine superstar Valegro double Olympic Gold medal winner in London 2012 , who is co-owned by Carl Hester is expected to represent the UK again in the team and individual dressage competition. He is one of the best dressage horses the world has ever seen, and undoubtedly the best loved horse by his thousands of fans worldwide. Valegro, whose stable name is Blueberry is the perfect starring character for these real-life stories written for children.

“Valegro, the Little Horse with the Big Dream” starts the tale of the trials, tribulations, adventures and characters Blueberry meets along the way to success in a child-friendly, fictional format.

Carl has told these stories to Janet Rising the author, and has included a learning and technical aspect to pass on some equestrian knowledge to youngsters in a fun and friendly way. The stories are real, the setting is real and the animals are real.

Set at Carl’s picturesque home and stable yard this rags-to-riches story of a small horse rising from humble beginnings to become the best the world has seen is unique, heart-warming and compelling.

This, the first book in ‘The Blueberry Stories’ series, is just what your children (and all you big kids) have been waiting for!

Ebook priced at £3.99 available to pre-order now and to download from 8th July 2016 from Itunes

Paperback with illustrations priced at £6.99 available 22nd August 2016 from Troubador

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