Tuesday 25th of February 2020

VIDEO: Badminton 1st Vet Inspection

trot crowd


Social media was a flutter with all the trot-ups pics from the 1st Vet Inspection yesterday but don’t worry if you missed some.  It was a windy afternoon to say the least but we’ve filmed every rider and their magnificently turned our horses so that you can see them up close and personal.  We’ve edited the 2 hour trot-up into 8 minutes of easy viewing to showcase every competitor.


Congratulations to all the grooms for all their hard work – we weren’t only looking at the human catwalk show before us; the horses were exceptionally well turned out and demonstrated the magnificence of the horse at its most beautiful state – one of our favourites, Glengarnock, looked absolutely stunning.

We had sweaty palms waiting for the ground jury’s decision after Vaguely North, Aoife Clark’s ride was sent to the holding box, and was so relieved he was accepted. It was a very disappointing day for Aston-Le-Walls based rider, Matt Heath, when The Lion was not accepted after being re-presented, so 81 horses in all go forward to compete over the next 4 days.  

On the outfit front, well, it had it all and far be it from us to be the fashion police!  Firm favourites at GPHQ amongst the girls were Nicola Wilson perfecting the matchy matchy rider/horse combo. Nicola looked very elegant next to Beltane Queen and set the bar high and Lucy Jackson’s gorgeous Caroline Titfers fascinator was equally elegant.  Headwear was also worn by Charlotte Agnew with a cute garland of pink flowers. Bettina Hoy gave us all a smile after kissing Designer 10 on the nose before setting off to face the vet inspection. 

The chaps didn’t disappoint either – although we did spy a pair of blue jeans! It was always going to be a showdown between Paul Tapner and Ben Hobday. We’ll let you decide who came out on top! It was great to see non-sporting clothing brands supporting many riders. 



 All photos (c) Lucy Hall Photography

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