Thursday 25th of February 2021

10 Fantastic Things about Riding Schools

If you learned to ride as a child you will no doubt have some amazing memories to treasure and if you have children that are interested in learning to ride, your local riding school is the best place to start.

Grove House Stables based near Misterton, Nottinghamshire is eagerly anticipating the Christmas holidays, with a packed schedule of activities to keep any pony mad youngster entertained.

Here owner and British Equestrian Federation Elite Recreational Coach Andrew Stennett, tells us 10 things that are great about all riding schools.

1. Riding Schools teach you a skill that you will have for the rest of your life. The best riders start at a young age.

2. The horses and ponies hold a special place in your heart and you will never forget the pony that taught you to ride.

3. They provide an opportunity to make new friends with a shared love of horses and   ponies.

4. You will learn basic stable management skills that you will build on when owning your own horse. The immaculate straw bed that your horse loves will have been perfected during your time at Riding School.

5. In an age of rising childhood obesity and computer gaming, horse riding is a fantastic way to get children to spend time outdoors and keep fit while having fun

6. With the rise in mental health issues amongst young people, the benefits of riding and just spending time with horses in general has been shown to promote a sense of well-being and improve confidence.

7. Learning to take care of any animal is a great way of teaching responsibility and for children with challenging behaviour, working with horses can help them to understand the impact of their actions.

8. Spending time at the stables and helping out around the yard provides a valuable insight into the commitment and time that is required when owning your own horse.

9. Fantastic memories are made at Riding School – long summer hacks, decorating the stables and ponies browbands with tinsel at Christmas and sharing packed lunches with friends.

10. Olympic aspirations start in Riding Schools. That first red rosette could one day be a gold medal!

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