Wednesday 28th of July 2021

10 things NOT to do on Instagram right now…

These 10 simple rules will help you to keep the Instagram algorithm whirring away in your favour, writes Camilla Richardson from Pink Storm Social.
1. Don’t go quiet  

If you want to have a successful Instagram account you have to be visible, try and post 2-3 times a week to stay in touch with your followers. If you are brand new to Instagram ramp that up to 4-5 times a week.

2. Don’t be a lurker

Don’t stay in the shadows. Take 10 mins a day to comment on others’ posts. You’ll create much better relationships with other users and really that’s what it’s all about.

3. Don’t forget your stories

Your followers are much more likely to see your stories than your grid posts so try and post to stories everyday if you can.

4. Don’t leave your bio blank

You have 140 characters to tell potential followers exactly what they can expect from your content and page, don’t leave this section blank.

5. Don’t just sell sell sell

It’s easy to fall pretty to this one but try not to be overly promotional. People enjoy following accounts that are personable and relatable so try and make your account about your followers not just about you.

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6. Don’t post without a caption

No matter how amazing your image is, it always needs a caption. Your caption doesn’t need to 100% relate to the image but always say something relevant. 

7. Don’t litter your caption with hashtags

While we’re on the subject of captions, keep your hashtags for the end – always!

8. Don’t ignore your follower’s comments

If your followers take the time to leave a comment on your post, acknowledge that comment and reply back. Make them feel like their interaction matters.

9 . Don’t buy Instagram followers

If you buy followers to bump your numbers they won’t serve you in anyway. They won’t like and comment on your posts, they won’t rave about you to friends and family. They will actually cause your engagement rate to go down so focus on connecting with real people and your page will organically grow.

10. Don’t give up

Finally keep at it and don’t give up. It takes a lot of time to build a following on Instagram, so be patient, you will get there.

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