Wednesday 12th of May 2021

Insta Tips: How to research new hashtags

Using hashtags in your Instagram posts is a really effective way to increase your reach and target new audiences. Did you know you can use up to 30 in one post?

The more you use the wider the reach so ideally utilise all 30, writes Camilla Richardson from Pink Storm Social.


Trying to decide which ones to use can be time-consuming – particularly if you’re starting from scratch with each post. Make the process much simpler by planning ahead. I really recommend creating 4 or 5 groups of hashtags and saving them in the notes section of your phone. When you come to post you can copy and paste the most relevant group from your notes and the whole process becomes more streamlined.

3 easy ways to find new Instagram hashtags.

1. Instagram Explore Page

One of the easiest and quickest ways of finding new and relevant hashtags. Search for a key word and see what hashtags are suggested. Look for the ones that have between 1k and 500k posts and write down those relevant to your business. 

2. Have a sneaky peak at your competitors

Have a look at their latest posts, are any of the hashtags they’re using relevant to your business?

3. Use a hashtag app

If you want to take your hashtags to the next level, think about using a hashtag tool. There’s a huge range with both free and paid-for options. I would really recommend HishHash app, it’s great for hashtag suggestions.  

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