Saturday 8th of May 2021

Back on Track® supports up and coming dressage riders

Back on Track are delighted to welcome Jezz Palmer and Lucy Pye of JLP Dressage, as new brand ambassadors for their range of innovative garments with infra-red capabilities.

© Rose Lewis

Jezz said:

“Our horses are increasingly supple since using Back on Track. The Mesh Rugs are a truly brilliant innovation which is definitely helping our horses’ perform their best.”

Having started out riding showjumpers, a difficult horse led Jezz to changing disciplines and spending five years with top dressage riders and trainers, Roland Tong and Ben St John James. Lucy and Jezz first met here when Lucy was training for her first National Championships in 2011. The pair then then spent some time working as riders for Paul Friday Dressage before setting up their own business, JLP Dressage. Lucy and Jezz are now both aiming to compete at Prix St Georges in 2018.

Jezz first started using Back on Track whilst working for Paul Friday. He said:

“We used the Back on Track Mesh Rugs and Quick Wraps at Paul’s with great results. When Lucy and I began planning our own yard we were keen to use Back on Track on a larger scale.”

Back on Track garments and braces are designed for horses, humans and dogs so everyone at Jezz and Lucy’s is now benefitting from the naturally occurring far-infrared ray created by Back on Track’s ceramic Welltex™ fabric.

Lucy’s top horse, Superstar, known as Rosie at home, has been quite sharp on occasion. Lucy said:

“Rosie needs a really good routine combined with consistent work to keep her on the straight and narrow. The Back on Track Mesh Rug has definitely helped her to relax.”

© Rose Lewis

The energy that is generated by the infrared ray increases the circulation and allows the muscles to relax and work more efficiently. Jezz added,

“The Back on Track Quick Wraps Royal have been proving invaluable on the yard too. If any of the horses have any filling in their legs, we have put the wraps on, and every time the leg has been back to normal the next day.”

Jezz continued:

“We are big believers in routine for the horses and Back on Track allows us to stick to our daily routine in the run up to a big show. As the products are completely natural, the horses can consistently receive all the benefits of the infrared technology before, during and after big competitions. This means the horses are calm, relaxed and supple whatever life throws at them.” 

Lucy said:

“We are both very competitive and like to see results. With Back on Track we know we can reach our ambitious goals.”

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