Friday 22nd of January 2021

Badminton from the other side with Georgie Strang

Multiple 5* Eventer Georgie Strang completed her first Badminton last year on Cooley Earl.

This year she is here as a vital team member for her fiancé Jesse Campbell as he takes on the Big B with Cleveland (Freddie). 

Photo credit: William Carey Photography

We had a quick catch up with her on the eve of cross-country day to see how it is all going.

How will you feel when Jesse heads out of the cross country start box tomorrow?

I have 100% faith in Jesse & Freddie, I am not nervous for them as I know they will do the best they can do; I just really want it to go well. I know from being in this sport, the feeling of disappointment from making a silly mistake and not getting the result you know you are capable of. I don’t wish this on him and really want it to go to all go to plan.

Photo credit: William Carey Photography

What is your main role this week?

I do sometimes feel a tad helpless! But being based quite close to Badminton now, means I have been able to go back and forth to our yard to keep all the other horses ticking over, along with the team at home who are doing an amazing job. I will stay at Badminton tonight, to make sure he has a good dinner! And be here to lend as much support as I can, talk through any last-minute queries or nerves or anything like that – the rest is then up to him, I guess!

What do you think of the course?

I think the course is great. It gets you into it from the off and horses in the air to get them jumping. It is big as you would expect from Badminton, riders are going to have to be really thinking and have their mind made up on exactly where they are going as there are quite a lot of options, but they know their horses best so they can make that decision depending on what they are sat on. I think it will really suit Jesse’s horse. He is a fantastic jumper and I am really looking forward to watching them both.

Photo credit: William Carey Photography

Do you think Jesse will beat your result from last year?!

I really hope he does! I was delighted to complete my first Badminton, but I am not going to lie I was disappointed with my result. We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing, if we are not always striving to improve. I really hope and I feel confident that Jesse and Freddie will do better.

Jesse and Cleveland are 33rd to go cross country tomorrow at 13.02.

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