Saturday 8th of May 2021

Black Country Saddles Jumping Range

Is show jumping or cross-country your chosen sport? Looking for a saddle designed and manufactured to the highest specification and with the latest technology? The Black Country Saddles Jumping range offers you the support where you need it, providing the ultimate in performance.

The Ricochet Jump Saddle has a low profile square cantled seat and an aesthetic continental close-contact look. The panel and tree combination lends itself to many high wither profiles from hunting horses, thoroughbred eventers through to some of the more modern warmblood jumpers.

The Tra-li Jump Saddle has been developed with a unique system where the blocks have been placed on the outside of the saddle to provide riders with increased support. It has been refined using a slimline tree which gives the riders extra assistance to stay in perfect balance.

The Quantum Jump Saddle is built on a close-contact tree and panel. It gives a flatter seat, which is required for eventing and cross-country jumping. Knee and thigh blocks are incorporated to support the rider’s position. It is also available with an extra forward cut flap, for taller riders.

The Solare Jump Saddle is ideal for those riders looking for a saddle with all the latest innovations. With a forward-fitting seat, the saddle allows plenty of freedom of movement for the rider. This custom-made saddle has a discreet knee roll providing support, whilst the forward cut flaps help the riders’ balance and security. The pure wool flocking helps to offer the perfect fit and allows greater adjustment options.

The Wexford Jump Saddle is a deep-seated jumping saddle, offering a wider seat for comfort than most traditional jump saddles. This saddle has large supporting knee and thigh blocks for the ultimate in rider security and an extra forward flap option for the taller rider.

The Maelstrom Jump Saddle is a ‘no expenses spared’, wool flocked close contact jumping saddle complete with all the finer details. It is covered in luxurious calf hide. It is great saddle for cross-country and eventing.

The Tex Eventer Saddle is specifically targeted at event riders. The forwardness of the flap and the long sloping seat allow plenty of room behind the rider to move around in the saddle and have support when leaning back over drop fences. The tree is designed so that the extra length in the seat is not reflected in the panels. This saddle is designed with wool panels to help shock absorption when landing and also allows the horse freedom to stretch out without restriction on the shoulders.

The Jumping-LL Saddle is designed to provide more room for riders with longer legs. The issue for longer-legged riders in forward-fitting flaps is that they tend to move the block further forward. The Black Country Saddles team has therefore created more space with a longer pad below the knee rather than at the thigh.

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