Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Brilliant Barbury!

The ‘King of Barbury’, Andrew Nicholson (NZL), regained his crown this weekend – making it the sixth time he has won at this level at Barbury, but the first time whilst riding Paul and Dizy Ridgeon’s Swallow Springs.

Andrew, who lives just over the hill from Barbury, at Lockeridge, said:

“I love coming here. I like to support my local event and I’ve brought a lot of my nice novice horses this weekend. Swallow Springs has always been a very good horse, but he likes to look about – you can be coming to a difficult fence and his mind is on the bar or getting an ice-cream. Now, though, he’s very focused – he’s starting to feel like Avebury [four-time winner at Barbury].”

Overnight leader Mollie Summerland (GBR), 21, was delighted to put the ghost of Bramham, when her saddle slipped, behind her. She finished second on Charly van ter Heiden, her 7.2 cross-country time penalties just pushing her below the speedy Andrew Nicholson, who is 36 years her senior.

“I really want to make eventing my career. The only thing holding me back is lack of horsepower, but I hope that perhaps someone might notice me now and send me a horse. You never know!”

Alex Bragg (GBR) rode two horses in to the top 10. He finished third on the mare Hester and seventh on King of the Mill. Alex was full of praise for event director Alec Lochore’s track, which he has taken over from Capt Mark Phillips.

“Alec built a super track. They were all decent courses, as they should be. If you’re trying to produce a horse for the top, you need these types of tracks to bring them on. The ground had super grass cover, too.”

Zara Tindall rose more than 30 places with the fastest time of the day, just five seconds over the optimum time of 6 minutes 33 seconds, to fourth on Watkins. She finished on the same score as Pippa Funnell riding MGH Grafton Street, Zara’s cross-country speed giving her the advantage.

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