Wednesday 19th of June 2019

British Dressage NAF Young Rider & Junior Long Lists

Following a busy spring of competition, the British Dressage Young Rider and Junior Selectors, Andrea Smith, Leanne Wall and Nikki Herbert, are delighted to release their long lists of riders in contention for a place on the NAF Young Rider and Junior teams for the European Championships in Roosendaal, the Netherlands on 9 – 13 August 2017.

NAF Young Rider Long List

Amber Barton (20) from Bewdley, Worcestershire with her own Labiat (chestnut, stallion, 16.2hh, 13yrs, s. Le Primeur)

Immogen Chant (20) from Bishops Waltham, Hampshire with her own World Dancer (chestnut, gelding, 16.1hh, 18yrs, s. Wolkentanz II)

Rebecca Edwards (20) from Reading, Berkshire with Dr Margaret Cox’s Ufano II (grey, stallion, 15.2hh, 16yrs, s. Indeciso), Dr Margaret Cox and Leigh Edwards’ Don Archie (bay, gelding, 16.2hh, 13yrs, s. Dimaggio) and Sarah Oppenheimer’s Headmore Delegate (chestnut, gelding, 16.1hh, 14yrs, s. Dimaggio)

Charlotte Fry (21) from Scarborough, North Yorkshire with Julie Fry’s Dark Legend (dark bay, gelding, 17hh, 9yrs, s. Zucchero)

Carmen Gammie (20) from Maryculter, Aberdeenshire with her own Amalia B (black, mare, 16.2hh, 12yrs, s. Krack C)

Ruth Hole (18) from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with Dr Rachel Murray’s Winnetou GEP (black, gelding, 17hh, 14yrs, s. Gribaldi)

Anna Jesty (18) from Wimborne, Dorset with her own Aquiro (bay, gelding, 17.1hh, 14yrs, s. Aquino)

Ellie McCarthy (20) from New Milton, Hampshire with Olivia Oakeley’s Donna Summer (chestnut, gelding, 16hh, 16yrs, s. Dimaggio)

Lauren Phillips (21) from Crow, Hampshire with her own Hot Chocolate (black, mare, 15.2hh, 9yrs, s. Hoffenstein)

Robyn Smith (20) from Jackton, East Kilbride with Gail Smith’s Foold Uz (bay, gelding, 16.1hh, 10yrs, s. Fulton)

Joanna Thurman-Baker (19) from Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire with Samantha Thurman-Baker’s Highcliffe Apollo (bay, gelding, 16.2hh, 15yrs, s. Der Lenz)

NAF Junior Long List

Ottilie Bardsley (17) from Somerford Booths, Cheshire with Sharon Bardsley’s Darina O (chestnut, mare, 16hh, 9yrs, s. Vivaldi)

Isobel Berrington (17) from Welwyn, Hertfordshire with Aimee Witkin’s Bing (bay, gelding, 16.1hh, 11yrs, s.Tranto B)

Emma Bond (16) from Sancton, North Yorkshire with her own Limewalk (chestnut, gelding, 16.2hh, 15yrs, s. Limes)

Emily Bradshaw (18) from Parkgate, Cheshire with Susan Bradshaw’s Remarkable (brown, gelding, 16hh, 19yrs, s. Royal Diamond)

Angus Corrie-Dean (17) from Salisbury, Wiltshire with his own Walters Fable (bay, gelding, 16.2hh, 12yrs, s. Walentino) and his own Tiny Tempur (bay, gelding, 17.1hh, 12yrs, s. Raikano)

Jade Ellery (18) from Los Cortijops, Spain with her own Porches Eloy (chestnut, gelding, 16.2hh, 14yrs, s. Earl)

Alexandra Hellings (17) from Bakewell, Derbyshire with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V (bay, gelding, 16hh, 16yrs, s. Krack C)

Rose Hugh Smith (18) from Henley on Thames, Oxofordshire with her own Dutch Discovery (dark brown, gelding, 17hh, 9yrs, s. Tuscinki)

Abbie Newbury (18) from Chippenham, Wiltshire with Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland (liver chestnut, gelding, 16.1hh, 8yrs, s. Diamond Hit)

Maddy Whelan (14) from Hailey, Oxfordshire with Peta Claridge’s Monsieur Pomerol (bay, gelding, 16hh, 16yrs, s. Riccione)

Horse and rider combinations listed are those from which the teams are likely to be selected, but others may be considered for selection if they reach the requirements set out in the Selection Policy.

Final NAF Young Rider and Junior short lists will be announced following Wellington Premier League during the week commencing 12 June. Final team selection will take place at the Pre-European Team Camp, 8 -9 July, with the team announced on Monday 10 July.

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