Sunday 2nd of August 2020
Pony Club

Devon Pony Club camp film

If you love horses, Pony Club camps are either the stuff of very fond memories, part and parcel of growing up or a dream that never quite happened.


But an exclusive documentary made by Dartmoor-based filmmaker Philippa Waddell of Wildhorse Films will be shown on Horse and Country TV this August that will bring alive those magical days as she goes behind the scenes with the Mid Devon Hunt Pony Club.

The film reveals all the elements of Pony Club camp that make it such a special experience, from early morning starts to the dreaded tack inspections. Central to the film is ten-year-old Biba who enjoyed threes days at Bicton Arena where she participated in several lessons that included dressage, showjumping and cross country.

Philippa also captures the friendships that are made, the strong bonds that are formed with the equines, and the high jinks that unfold between the timetabled games, rides and activities.

The film will be broadcast to its audience in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Australia and Philippa says she hopes it will encapsulate a long-standing British tradition. Philippa said:


“The kids had so much fun with loads of games and activities in between the rides. It’s such a great way for the children to meet new friends and to learn about caring for their ponies independently of their parents or carers. Their sense of achievement at the end of the camp is palpable too and in just three days they gain so much from their experience.”

Camps vary between Pony Clubs, depending on the location. Some prefer to hold theirs at established equine venues such as Bicton Arena or Pontispool while others borrow a farmer’s barn and make temporary stabling for the ponies.

Whatever the chosen venue, fun and learning are a central theme, and this summer Philippa will be behind her camera again at another Pony Club camp where more characters, both equine and human, will become stars of the small screen.

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