Friday 26th of February 2021

Event season must have’s from the Pros!

Super Groom Alexandra van Tuyll catches up with top riders and grooms to find out what they won’t be leaving home without as we head into the new event season.

The Riders

Craig Barr

·       My Noble Outfitters ‘Perfect Fit’ gloves, I wear them whatever the weather in all 3 phases of Eventing.

·       My Fairfax & Favor loafers – they make an appearance at every trot up without fail, they make any outfit look good!

·       My phone, for checking live scores throughout the day and for banging tunes on the way home (obviously).

·       My Uvex sun glasses for on the horses & Raybans for off the horses, so I look cool course walking…. hehe

·       Mother Barr’s picnics – to feed the whole lorry park as well as the Dassett Eventing team!

Harriet Dickin and Dargle Looks

Harriet Dicken

·       Neck strap

·       Clean breeches in case of an unwanted water splash!

·       Nurofen

·       Coffee flask

·       Most importantly a phone charger!!

Kate Honey

·       Family network

·       My lorry

·       My saddles

·       Team of horses

·       My lucky stick

·       My sponsors

Fiona Kashel

·       Cigarettes

·       Alcohol

·       My boss – Josh Levi! (groom)

·       My dog

·       My iPhone

Emily Llewellyn

·       My belt that I have had since I was 12

·       Ariat boots

·       My Kingsland wardrobe comes with me everywhere I go, obviously

·       My dog!!!!!!

·       Polos

Kirsty Johnson

·       My egg poacher

·       Coffee machine

·       A good chick flick – Pitch Perfect or Bridget Jones

·       Our lazy spa hot tub

·       Our fake tail!

Will Furlong

·       Black tape

·       Hoof oil

·       Sheepskin fluff

·       Haribo sweets

·       Cadbury fudge

·       Waterproof jacket

Kitty King

Kitty King

·       My two dogs

·       My Toggi water proof blouson jacket (thin one in the summer and thick one in the colder months!)

·       My Woof Wear ice boots for the horses

·        My Equiclass riding boots

·        My wonderful Fairfax saddles and bridles

The Grooms

Josh Levi (to Fiona Kashel nee Breech)

·       My spaniel, Buddy

·       Coffee

·       Plaiting apron

·       Vetrolin shampoo

·       1/4 marker brush

Kristina Cook and Billy the Red

Rachel Tolley (to Tina Cook)

·       Vodka

·       My dog, Smurf

·       Tina’s lucky blue stick

·       Quick braid plaiting spray

·       Gloves 

Amy Phillips (to Piggy French)

·       Coka cola

·       Fresh socks

·       Plenty of towels for horse use

·       Baby oil

·       A schedule written out with horse’s times & tack etc

Holly Woodhead and DHI Lupison

Lydia Swan (to Holly Woodhead)

·       A white board in the tack locker

·       A well organised grooming bag

·       A phone charger

·       Some good tunes for the lorry

·       A sense of humour

Jonelle Price and Faerie Dianimo

Lucy Miles (to Tim & Jonelle Price)

·       String

·       A good supply of chocolate

·       My wooden grooming box

·       Flip flops

·       A white board

Jess McKie (to Oliver Townend)

·       HGV sat nav, as I wouldn’t get anywhere without it

·       My plaiting belt is essential along side my quarter mark brush

·       Always have a couple of packets of maoams to pick at

·       And the bollocking isn’t worth it if you forget to pack the xc wheel!!!

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