Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Firework Night: The Life of Brian Part 10

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission to discover the best products for doggies with style.

Fortunately, I don’t mind fireworks and big loud noises. In fact I actually think it’s enormous fun barking at them, however not all my canine friends feel the same way, so this blog is dedicated to stuff to might help take their mind off the noise and have some fun!

Who would think that wearing a shirt could make you feel safe but apparently this Thundershirt works like a pressure wrap that kind of hugs you when you wear it and they say it helps sooth noise anxiety, separation anxiety and problem barking too! Maybe the woof next door should try this, as he’s always shouting at the top of his voice!

RRP: £29.90


Now, my brother grew up listening to this CD, and he loves fireworks and loud noises! I never got to hear it because I’ve never had a problem, but it certainly helped him. You can listen to over 30 noises and sounds. Maybe it’s worth trying in the lead up to firework night to try and help soothe nerves?

RRP: £6.99


When it comes to my hair, food and spirit, I like to opt for keeping it natural so when I was sniffing out some alternative calming medication, I spotted YuCalm. My brother and I already use a joint supplement from this company so when I spotted this; I thought it was worth a bark! It’s natural and has been used with scientifically proven ingredients which apparently help support calming vibes (vibe, my word not theirs) in the brain.

RRP: £10.99 for pack of 30 tablets


Now I LOVE games, and this looks brilliant fun! The Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board is like a board game but for dogs and it’s had great reviews from humans. The human fills with treats, and then we have to work out the puzzle on how best to get them out. If your dog gets it right, he is rewarded with a tasty treat. Hours of fun and sure to help focus their minds on something enjoyable!

RRP: £5.57


Now anyone who reads this blog will know that I just love food and treat time is my favourite time. The Kong Toy Collection has plenty of tough, fun toys that can have treats stuffed in them and us dogs have to spend time finding a way to extract them! My all-time favourite toy is this Kong Wobbler. You fill it with treats and us dogs have to work out how to get them out (Tapping and rolling it with my paw or nose is how I do it best) When it rolls it trickles out food (apparently horses have the same kind of thing?)

RRP: £8.99


Anyway, hope you pooches out there are all OK during the celebrations and hope you get to have some pawsome fun with your human!

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