Saturday 8th of May 2021

Five recognised for their contribution to equestrian safety

The British Horse Society’s Sefton Awards (11 October) , recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of equestrian safety. Those recognised this year were: Debbie Smith, Janice Pickup, Lyn Morris, Ellen Shaw and Cathryn Godfrey. 

The founder of the Pass Wide and Slow Group, Debbie Smith was acknowledged for her work in raising awareness of the issues that riders face on the roads. Debbie’s petition for rider safety has received over 100,000 signatures and she has an active Facebook group with more than 10,000 members. Debbie’s MP, Derek Thomas ensured that there was a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament to discuss the issue of riding and road safety.

BHS Safety Volunteer, Janice Pickup was recognised for her work in Manchester and Cheshire to raise awareness of equestrian safety. Janice has supported Greater Manchester Police in their ‘Operation Considerate’ campaign that keeps all road users – including horses – safe

Road Safety Officer for Carmarthen County Council, Lyn Morris works closely with the BHS to raise awareness of their Dead Slow campaign and wider equestrian safety. Lyn recently secured funding for BARTA (British Animal Rescue and Trauma Association) in conjunction with the BHS to run emergency service training sessions for police and fire officers in her area. This training will be imperative for the emergency services to deal with a major equine incident.

Barrister, Ellen Shaw, and Cathryn Godfrey from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors were both recognised for giving up their spare time to help the BHS raise awareness of rider safety. Both Cathryn and Ellen have delivered presentations throughout the country, using their legal background to advise and educate horse owners so they can protect themselves while riding out.

BHS Director of Safety, Alan Hiscox:

“The past year has been brilliant in raising awareness of rider safety on the roads, with a particular highlight being the Westminster Hall debate. All of those who have received Sefton Awards have had a huge part to play in this and I would like to thank them personally for their hard work and dedication.”

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