Tuesday 11th of May 2021

Gastric ulcers climb up the table of top five claims

Petplan Equine, one of the top UK horse insurance providers publishes data on the Top Five most claimed for conditions in 2017. Arthritis has maintained its first position, with claims showing an increase for Gastric Ulcers and a reduction in Laminitis when compared to 2016 data.

Laminitis has seen a reduction in claims of more than 19% compared to 2016 and has fallen to number five in the ranking. Gastric Ulcer claims however, have increased by more than 28% year on year. This would suggest that increased knowledge amongst horse owners, use of better management techniques, as well as more accessible veterinary tests being available has had a visible effect on claims.

Gastric Ulcers

Petplan Equine’s Veterinary expert Gil Riley MRCVS commented,

“The awareness that many underperforming horses do so because they are suffering from Gastric Ulcers means checking for their presence is high on the list of priorities for vets investigating such cases.  It is also well recognised that back pain and stomach ulcers commonly occur together, possibly because the discomfort and stress caused by a bad back may interfere with the maintenance of a healthy stomach lining and vice versa.”


Gil Riley MRCVS, Petplan Equine’s Veterinary expert added,

“Reduced claims for laminitis is a reflection of the ever-growing awareness amongst horse owners and vets of the two hormonal diseases responsible for 90% of Laminitis cases, Cushing’s and Equine Metabolic Syndrome. As a result we are testing for these conditions and if present, putting preventative treatment management changes in place before the distressing condition that is laminitis has an opportunity to occur.”

Kate Hopkins, Petplan Marketing Consultant explained,

“Every year when we review our Top Five most common health problems in horses we see interesting changes which can point toward shifts in equine management. Petplan Equine paid out over £3 million to customers for the Top Five conditions in 2017 and over £11.9 million was paid out for claims in total. This shows quite clearly how important it is to have quality horse insurance to help cover the cost of unexpected veterinary treatment.”

To find out more about Petplan Equine’s Top Five claims and get expert advice from Gil Riley MRCVS on spotting the signs and treatment visit www.petplanequine.co.uk/top5.

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