Thursday 14th of January 2021

The Gin Baubles are back!

We are tinkled pink to learn that the original gin-filled baubles have been picked and packed and are ready for Christmas! We’ve placed our order and would be fibbing if we hadn’t kept a pack for GPHQ’s very own Christmas tree. These really are the perfect present for any gin loving groom, trainer, friend or supportive parent. Whilst the big day seems a long way away, these won’t be around for long.

gin baubles

Described as the “most wanted Christmas tree decoration” Pickering’s Gin baubles made headlines after 30,000 of their gin-filled Christmas baubles sold out in 82 seconds in 2016! 10% of this year’s stock was sold to their friends mailing list back in July and now the remaining stock is up for grabs. This year Pickering’s Gin – based in the heart of Edinburgh – started production of their Pickering’s Gin Baubles in January to meet demand, but is expected to, once again, sell out fast. 

“People thought we were mad to set up a distillery in the old animal kennels of the former Edinburgh Vet School in 2013. They thought we were even madder to attempt filling 20 thousand Pickering’s Gin Baubles a day on-site in 2017, but we’ve gone and done it!” Marcus Pickering, co-founder of Pickering’s Gin

The tasting notes describe the gin as “fresh, light and bold flavours of citrus and juniper give way to intense warming spice of cardamom, coriander seed and clove.” 

We can’t wait to get our hands on a set, the only question is, will they last until Christmas Day?

To order in the UK, click here and to order exclusively from Irish distributor click here

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