Saturday 6th of August 2022

Hero Product of the Week: LIP

This little bottle of wonderfulness was kindly gifted to me by Grace at Sports Hai, the sports dedicated cosmetics and skincare brand and I’ve taken LIP Hydrating Complex with me everywhere for several months. 

Not one for much lippy care, I have managed to a) not lose this and b) be converted to keeping my smakkas beautifully hydrated and I love the shine it gives them without any stickiness. It’s not too shiny and gives enough effect to make you feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort when dashing around after the teens.

This little bottle of magic is well travelled having spent many days with me driving here, there and everywhere with Polo Mad Son as well as rescuing my lips from the ever-changing elements once there as well as hours of weeding and mowing all the while giving me that lovely feeling of feeling protected and glowy (is that a word?!) 

Winner of the Best Luxury Lip Balm Award at the 2020 Attracta Beauty Awards, it contains natural conditioning agents to soothe and calm with sources of vitamins B and E “to hydrate and help increase cell proliferation as well as prevent trans epidermal water loss.” And it really does.

£26 may seem steep and I appreciate this was gifted to me, but I’ll definitely be replacing it when it runs out. Pucker up, you won’t regret it! 

I’m currently trying another fabulous gifted Sports HAI product – Daily Tinted SPF 50 High Protection – will let you know what I think in a few weeks.

Buy LIP here

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