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Get To Know: Pilot Equine


Pilot Equine is a premium, natural supplement company with products designed for both horse and rider.

Priding themselves on a holistic approach, Pilot Equine balances fuelling performance with a blend of research-backed nutrition and expert knowledge. Nutrient-packed supplements along with expert-written guides build the ultimate equestrian toolkit to charge performance forwards.

The company’s ethos works toward making top nutrition and lifestyle support available to all riders, whatever their ability, discipline, or budget. Designing an affordable, easy, and time-friendly way to elevate busy riders toward their performance goals, Pilot Equine has quickly earned its place as an essential training companion.

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Founded in 2020 amongst the chaos of a global pandemic, Pilot Equine has already received rave reviews and gained thousands of followers. Supporting every equestrian to achieve their goals, the supplement company has boosted performance in all disciplines, from racing to eventing.

Behind the brand, a small team is threaded together by founders and long-time friends, Ben Atkins and Eddie Bye. Ben holds a wealth of equestrian experience, giving him a broad understanding of the holistic care required for different working horses. Meanwhile, Eddie is an expert in his own right, specialising in human performance and supplementation. With a decade of friendship behind them, they combined their passions for horse and human performance into one pioneering company.

Hero Products

Designed with every horse and rider in mind, Pilot Equine supplies a blend of natural, nutritionally balanced supplements along with expert-written guides. By arming equestrians with nutrition and knowledge, the company support combinations to achieve their full potential. Fulfilling their aim to be accessible to all riders, expert-written, free blog content can also be found on their website, covering everything from equestrian performance to health.

Pilot Equine boasts three core supplements to support horse health and performance: Freedom, Foundation, and Focus.

The Freedom joint supplement is one of the most popular supplements in the range.  Freedom contains the three essential ingredients for joint health through work and age, glucosamine, calcium, and MSM. Supportive ingredients like Vitamin C to fight inflammation, and Hyaluronic Acid to maintain the smooth movement of joints, also support comfort during work and recovery.

With hoof health often overlooked when considering performance, the Foundation hoof supplement has also become essential in training toolkits. Building the ‘foundations’ of good horse performance, it contains the recommended doses of biotin, DL-methionine, calcium, and MSM, to help support the nutritional strength of hooves. Meanwhile, the addition of vitamin C and YEA-SACC 1026 support absorption to reap the full benefits of this supplement.

Finally, the Focus calming supplement supports calm and concentrated work. This supplement is based on one of the most scientifically backed horse calming agents, magnesium. A blend of calcium, fenugreek, and pro-and pre-biotics, also support the horse through adverse side-effects of stress, such as mineral loss and muscle pain, which can further affect performance and focus.

With horse health only being half the picture in equestrian performance, Pilot Equine has also created supplement blends to support riders too. The rider supplement range covers all the nutritional needs of the on-the-go rider, priming partnerships for optimal training and competition results.

The entire supplement range can be purchased online here Prices range between £24.00 – £65.00.

For more information, please visit or contact and for more regular updates, follow Pilot Equine on Facebook and Instagram (@pilot_equine_supplements).

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