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The Horse Photographer to Exhibit at Olympia

World-renowned fine art photographer Matthew Seed will be exhibiting in excess of 20 pieces of his equestrian art work at Olympia, The London International Horse Show, 12th – 18th December 2017.


Matthew Seed, aka The Horse Photographer, is the pioneer of bringing flash lighting to horses out in the field and is lauded for his unique and dramatic, fine art approach to photographing horses. 

The exhibition will feature a variety of fine art pieces including studies of Uthopia, the majestic London 2012 Team Gold Medalist stallion whose future was famously secured to stay in Britain with Carl Hester in Gloucestershire by a generous and anonymous donor last year.  Included in the exhibition is a stunning portrait of international groom, Alan Davies, with his beloved Uthopia.

Matthew is also unveiling two striking new portraits of two of Britain’s top international competitors at Olympia; leading lady show jumper Laura Renwick and her Grand Prix winning Bingtang II, along with international dressage rider Spencer Wilton and his Olympic and European ride Super Nova II.  Both riders worked with Matthew and the Olympia Horse Show team together with their design agency, Red Giant, to produce the creative campaign for this year’s even.

‘I was thrilled and honoured to be exhibiting my fine art photography at Olympia Horse Show’ said Matthew. ‘Olympia is such a wonderful show and the highlight of the year for competitors and spectators. A wonderful way to conclude 2017!’

There will be opportunity to meet Matthew at the show and learn more about his fine art photography. To arrange an appointment in advance please contact Anne-Marie Flood on 07816 941192.

In 2010 The Independent Newspaper featured Matthew’s work, likening it in style to that of the Old Masters, George Stubbs and Théodore Géricault. Having trained using film cameras, Matthew’s fine art photography is always achieved ‘in camera’ using a balance of daylight and flash lighting, which gives the authenticity that post production techniques can never achieve.

Matthew developed his camera and lighting skills over many years as a fashion & advertising photographer working with a myriad of blue chip brands, before venturing into fine art equestrian photography.  As such, when the opportunity arose to create some fresh new advertising shots for Olympia, Matthew was the perfect choice!

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