Thursday 8th of April 2021

Savvy equestrians wowed by 4×4 horsepower at Blenheim

The return of a headline sponsor at the prestigious Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials in Oxfordshire could not have come at a better time… not just for the event itself, the riders and the prize money pool but also for the thousands of equestrians who pull a trailer week in week out. 

Korea’s SsangYong Motor Company has taken up the reins at the prestigious event having grasped what other leading 4×4 companies have gained from supporting the sport of three day eventing. Sponsorship and product placement are often touted as dirty words amongst the purists but the harsh reality is that in order for the sport to continue and grow, the sport needs sponsors and the sponsors need the sport. 

With the recent launch of the luxurious Rexton 4×4 model, which prides itself on its practical 3.5 tonne towing capacity and sensible price tag, Hannah Brook-Lawson caught up with SsangYong Motor UK’s CEO, Paul Williams to hear more about the company’s hopes and plans for reaching the UK’s savvy equestrian community.


Avid eventing supporter Rory Bremner was spied making enquiries!


Speaking to Mr Johng-sik Choi, SsangYong Motor Company CEO about the company’s long term goals, he said

“SsangYong believes in the winning spirit that Blenheim symbolises, so the partnership is a great fit. It might not be a well-known competition in Korea, but when I heard its story I thought it would be the perfect place to launch the new Rexton. It’s well-matched to build our brand image as the new face of premium-class luxury. Blenheim is very impressive, in its story, the grounds, and the details. We want to inspire a younger generation and create momentum to build a Korean eventing team.”

We have seen many great brands grow when absorbed into the equestrian community and we look forward to watching SsangYong thrive amongst the sport’s loyal fanbase. If you are visiting Blenheim this weekend, be sure to visit the SsangYong stand next to the member’s entrance to see the stylish Rexton 4×4 for yourself where the team are on hand to talk you through its genuine towing capacity that has been developed for real equestrians.


With thanks to Hannah Brook-Lawson and Tilly Berendt.

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