Friday 22nd of January 2021

Horsing Around On New Year’s Day!

The Capital enjoyed a big carnival atmosphere on New Year’s Day with the return of the annual London’s New Year’s Day Parade celebrating Britain’s diverse multi-cultural capital with a unique equestrian element, All The Queen’s Horses.

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Showcasing colourful costumes, spectacular showmanship and bringing a distinct equestrian presence which the crowds loved, All The Queen’s Horses delivered entertainment and serious horsepower with over 60 horses attending the event.

“The Parade’s theme was ‘London Welcomes The World’ and celebrated our vibrant, multi-cultural society and the visitors who flock to our capital from all over the world.”

The British element of the Parade pose for a photo. © Jo Monck

Explains ATQH Co-ordinator and Founder Caroline Marsh:

“This year was probably our best parade to date, with everything working seamlessly. The crowds adore the horse section, and we get plenty of opportunities to ‘meet and greet’ everyone along the route. The horses behaved immaculately including Midas, who was appearing for the first time in the Parade as his owner, Jane Morgan explains:

” This was Midas’s and my first year; it’s like no experience you have ever had. It’s a mixture of feeling like a movie star as everyone is looking like you but at the same time you feel so small as the event is so big, it was so much fun. It’s only just sinking in what we did. As for Midas he stood there head high, looked around as if to say ‘OK, this isn’t a show is it?’ But took it all in his stride, with his ears forward looking like he had done it all before. He enjoyed it all. I really cannot say how proud I am of this horse. He’s amazing.”

Tulips For Amsterdam – The Dutch section meet the crowds. © Jo Monck

The LNYDP is a free family event and has taken place every year since 1987 with All The Queen’s Horses participating since 2012. Around 500,000 spectators attend the event every year, and the route runs from Piccadilly near Green Park to Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall to Parliament Square.

Full Of Eastern Promise. © Equipassion UK

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