Monday 22nd of November 2021
Badminton Grassroots

In The Start Box, Part 3

Our eventing grassroots blogger, Anna Martin, shares her journey to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup at Badminton Horse Trials next week. In part three of her blog she tells us about her final preparation and the key word of the week!

Horseheath XC

It’s Thursday night, only 4 days till we leave for Badminton. The tickets have arrived, the accommodation booked – my dad is coming so we are staying in comfort as he’s not sure about sleeping in the lorry and “Living the Dream”! (Plus, he snores!) Nobody is complaining!

Apparently the word of the week is LISTS. There are lists for the humans, lists for the lorry, lists for Classic and lists for lists!

Horseheath XC

A list of dates is also on the go, what we are doing on what day, yesterday was dressage training organized by South East Eventers League which was hugely helpful. We rode the Badminton test for a judge who then talked me through her comments and helped with how to improve on certain bits and pick up a few extra marks. It was nice to hear the judge’s direct opinions and useful tips. We then did the test again.

Today I ran through the test again but on grass and had a showjumping session with Emily Baldwin. Classic felt really good.

Tomorrow is more dressage with Markus Bauer after school, followed by a good run at the gallops on Saturday. On Sunday Classic and I will have a little hack around the farm, relax and pretend nothing at all is happening next week!

Working on straightness – Markus Bauer method

We have had three great runs this season to prepare. An NSEA 90 at Poplar Park which we won, a BE100 at Goring which was really good but a bit steady cross country and last weekend at Horseheath in the BE100 where we came 3rd and got another RF for this year making it 7 in total now! I feel we’re ready.

Horseheath SJ

I am number 319. (It’s an old showing day hangover to try and make the number into 1, which makes it a lucky number! Still working on that one!). Dressage will be on Tuesday, showjumping and cross country on Wednesday.  I am feeling so excited, a bit anxious, a bit nervous but most of all very very lucky.  

One year ago we drove through the Badminton gates to go and watch on cross country day. I thought how amazing it would be to one day ride there. I can’t believe that day is actually coming up! I know it’s not quite 4* but it is equally exciting. 

XC schooling with Liv

So many people are helping and supporting me. Especially my best friends Liv and Katie.

Thank you all! xx

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