Monday 10th of May 2021

Positive thoughts with…Karl Ude-Martinez

Karl Ude-Martinez is a man of many talents. When not on our screens presenting and commentating for prestigious events for CBS Sports, Global Polo TV, Sky Sports, Eurosport, Discovery & Animal Planet, he can be found dangling off the side of a horse either on the polo field or as part of the professional jousting stunt display team he founded called ‘The Knights of Middle England’.

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Karl oozes positivity and his passion, enthusiasm and have-a-go personality is clear in everything he does.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Kelly (my fiancée) with a cup of tea! No seriously I am definitely a morning person, always have been and am pretty good early doors. Working with horses, in TV & producing events you have to love them or you won’t survive!

What’s the best wellbeing tip you’ve ever learnt?

To take time to switch off. It’s so important for your mental health. As hard as it is – to try and put my phone down for one hour at the end of the day and especially for the first hour to the start of my day. Plus Sleep. Do not scrimp on it or it will come back to bite you!


What’s something that has inspired or touched you lately?

How unbelievably strong & resilient people are, especially those who behind closed doors are going through such hard times but still continue to flick the switch. They smile and they take the time to ask ‘how are you today?’

What have you learned recently that will help you in the future?

Don’t ever take anything for granted, ever. Plan yes, but ALWAYS be adaptable.


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What made you laugh today?

Took my riding boots off to pop into the office and only had some slippers to hand. Then had to run to the bank, looked down as I got out of the car and realised, yep still got them on! Made me chuckle but I rocked them down the street with my funky riding socks!

What’s the quality you rate most in others? And in yourself?

Be positive and approachable. If you are open & engaging, then people feel they can talk to you and are drawn to your energy. Charisma goes a long way too. I like to think I am charismatic.

What movie, book, blog, or article affected your life for the better recently?

As much as I love a good drama or political thriller, I have particularly enjoyed getting into some light hearted TV comedies or things that aren’t too heavy. With all the darkness of the last year it really has been important to just have something fresh & witty.

My Netflix go to at the moment is “Call my Agent” – a hysterically brilliant TV show, actually in French with subtitles. It’s current, quick and very clever! Also, as an actor & presenter with an agent I can relate so much!

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. With my family, people I work with, friends, even my horses. If you think you are having a real hard time and life is tough, just pause, take a breath. Listen to what other people are saying and what they are dealing with. Admire, feel blessed and take inspiration from them.

How do you switch off? What do you do for me-time?

I am always on the go! I can’t sit still for long so even any switch off or me time involves doing an activity of some sort. Normally horse related. Getting out on the Polo pitch, skiing or just being near the sea will make me switch off from my usual craziness.

What’s your hero product in times of stress or anxiety?

I wouldn’t say I have a hero product but a really good glass (bottle!) of red wine

Who would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party?

Can I have 2! So hard this question as would fill 20 easily! So one dead and one alive if I can.

Robin Williams, obviously he would have to come in his Mrs Doubtfire outfit! And Michael McIntyre and we would have to play the “text to all” game too with his phone! Both together would be hilarious!

If you could have a superhero power, what would it be?

To see into the future.

What would be a good theme tune for your life?

James Bond without a doubt. 100%. I live it, breathe it & dream it!

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