Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

Managing Arthritis

Degenerative joint disease, more commonly known as arthritis, is an uncomfortable disease associated with the ageing horse. Becoming increasingly painful throughout the colder winter months, this issue can become devastating if left unmanaged.

In many cases arthritis is caused by inflammation, this inflammation leads to swelling and the associated pain. When the body is unable to get on top of resolving this inflammation you end up with a chronic condition like arthritis. While you can’t cure arthritis, steps can be taken to manage the pain associated with the condition and make the horse more comfortable. There are a number of different ways you can manage this disease, but one of the newest is the use of microcurrent therapy which, by treating and repairing the underlying inflammation automatically reduces the associated pain.

ArcEquine is the smallest microcurrent device in the world and has been used with great success to treat a number of equine health issues as well as injuries. It’s wearable, non-invasive and drug-free treatment programme.

Injury, disease or tissue damage disrupts the normal electrical currents within the cells and decreases the rate of ATP production. The device works by mimicking the body’s naturally occurring biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP. The horses body normally produces a sufficient amount of ATP but when injury or disease strikes, the cells do not have enough energy to kick-start the repair process. By introducing microcurrent to the body from an external source, the production of ATP has been found to increase by up to 500%. The result is a reduction in pain and inflammation and an increased healing process.

The ArcEquine device does not need to be worn near the affected area, as the currents travel throughout the body so it’s the perfect accessory to help you manage arthritic changes, regardless of their location within the horse. It’s a small, easy to hold, easy to use device that is a tack room and first aid must have.

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