Wednesday 1st of July 2020

No buts, it’s time to do more of what you enjoy

We are all so busy, masters and mistresses of juggling the mundane with the necessary – often they are the same thing – and neglecting doing more of the things we enjoy.

And there a number of reasons for this with time playing a huge factor in our prorogued pleasure fix. But what if there was something else that was holding us back? Here’s some Wednesday Wisdom for you, which I hope resonates with you as much as it did with me.

We love sharing our finds with you and feel compelled to bring your attention to a wonderful daily dose of goodness that arrives in your inbox brimming with positivity and ideas. It’s called The Daily Good and it’s bought to you by the inspirational folk at The Good Trade, the online destination for conscious readers, covering sustainable fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel, and lifestyle content.

There are so many interesting nuggets on the site from Your Complete Guide To Zero-Waste Household Essentials In Every Category, to How to Declutter your Closet and 7 Clean Eating Websites For Fresh & Healthy Recipe Inspiration. But one stand out feature really hit home and was a lightbulb moment for all my excuses for not making the time to do more of what I love and it’s Emily Torres‘ article on The Case For Being Bad At Things.

Being bad at something is not something that any of us set out to be (cue flash backs to the school playground and the fear of being the last one picked for a team). As Emily’s article explains, this has more to do with being beholden to what others think of us.

“Strip away the standards that you believe others have for you and step loudly into your discomfort zone.”

Emily Torres

There are loads of things that I am bad at, and that I’ve shelved the thought of continuing, purely because I was terrible but that I loved doing! I’m a terrible dancer but in front of the Aga, stirring the supper, with Hugh Jackman belting out his showstoppers, I do actually have some semblance of rhythm and would love to be in a West End musical, OK that’s going a bit far but it was a dream once!

Take my riding, I love it! It’s my happy place, my daily therapy and the stubble fields are the perfect place to blow away the cobwebs and have a good think. I’ve dabbled in competing and have been known to bring the ribbons home but it’s a monumental mountain to climb to get me in the arena. And then there’s polo!

Many of you who follow us on Insta, will know I have a polo addict for a son. He’s 12 and pretty handy at riding one-handed at top speed wielding a long stick. We’ve been to some amazing places on our travels and when the opportunity has arisen, have had lessons in top polo spots including Plettenburg, Dubai and Sotogrande and I’ve joined in and loved it! Really loved it. And, it’s fair to say, I am useless at it!

I was way too tense with my heels down trying to look neat when all that really needs to go out the window. Every lesson, match, training session that I watch my son having the time of his life in, gives me pangs to give it another go as it was such a buzz. I had such a fun time with the kids who really encouraged me and loved riding me off to ridiculous girlie squeals of laughter. I know I’m never going to get a handicap or probably ever play a match but I am determined to make time and stop the excuses to give it another go with no expectations.  Emily says,

“Trying something you think you’re “bad” at doesn’t need to have any end result other than enjoyment. The only thing that matters is that we indulge in the things that make us feel lovely…Try something. Maybe you’ll be good at it—or maybe you won’t, and that’s okay.”

The real take home from this piece is you don’t have to eventually be good at something in order to derive value from it. Whether it’s baking, public speaking, showjumping or knitting, whatever makes you feel good, you need to do more of it, whatever the outcome. So what are you waiting for. Be bold, take courage and enjoy! I’m off to tack up my son’s pony while he’s at school…I don’t think he’ll mind! 

You can read Emily’s article in full on The Good Trade here and do subscribe to The Daily Good when you are there, you’ll love it!

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