Wednesday 4th of August 2021
Dare to Tupperware

Superfood Frozen Breakfast Bites

We are delighted to introduce our Guest Foodie and previous Badminton Grassroots Blogger, Laura Barber. Since Laura’s horse has been out of competition, she is now unashamedly a ‘Superfood’ convert and enjoys browsing Pinterest for ‘Raw’ food recipe ideas and coming up with new inventions.

“I will start by saying that I am about as far removed from a ‘domestic goddess’ as you can get (just ask my Husband!)…however when my lovely event horse decided to injure himself at the start of the year and was confined to a decent period of bed rest, I had two choices – stay sad on the sofa and console myself with cake, or put my energy into getting myself fit and well.

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Our friend, Neill, the man behind Northampton Nutrition Centre, put me on a diet plan to help shift the left over ‘winter weight’, which had the handy additional benefit of making me actually care about what I was eating. I’ve tried to stay gluten free for a few years now (because as much as I love it, it’s unrequited!), but it is very easy to slip, and when everybody leads such busy lives, ‘convenience’ food and ‘healthy’ food very rarely go hand in hand.

Over two months later, nearly 20lbs lighter and I’m unashamedly a ‘Superfood’ convert; spending far too much time browsing Pinterest for ‘Raw’ food recipe ideas, and Instagraming my latest ‘Clean’ food creations. It’s more than the latest fad diet, it’s genuinely the best way of eating to make sure you get all the best nutrients available from food and cut out all the processed rubbish…plus who knew you could make a delicious chocolate cheesecake using avocado?!

These Superfood Frozen Breakfast Bites happened by accident, as I was trying (and failing) to make my own breakfast bars using just the nuts & dried fruit. They were too crumbly and I used too much Cacao meaning they were far too bitter! So after another browse on Pinterest I thought I’d try crumbling them up, adding in some fresh fruit, smothering them in Greek Yoghurt and freezing them…and it worked!

They taste seriously good, and what’s better is that they’re seriously good for you too! All of the ingredients are classed as Superfoods, meaning they’re naturally rich in nutrients and pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. This recipe is also totally customisable, so feel free to play about with the ingredients and measures to suit your own tastes! Every bite is slightly different as there’s so much packed in!

These work great as an ‘on the go’ breakfast – just grab a few out of the freezer, stick them in some Tupperware and off you go! They taste even better when they start to melt slightly as they go all gooey – mine happily last an hour whilst I get all my morning yard jobs done (although I do also utilise the yard freezer for the longer mornings!). If you take ice to your events why not toss these in the cool bag as well for a quick and nutritious snack between phases!”

You will need

A powerful blender/food processor

Large mixing bowl

A large Tupperware container, tin foil & a freezer!


– Oats (1/2 Cup)

– Walnuts (1/2 Cup)

– Almonds (1/2 Cup)

– Dates (1/2 Cup)

– Dried Fruit of your choice (1/2 Cup of each) – I used Goji Berries & Strawberries

– Honey/other natural sweetener – I used Agave Syrup (2 Tbsp)

– Coconut Oil (1.5 Tbsp)

– Cacao Powder (1 Tbsp)

– Chia seeds (1 Tbsp)


– Flaxseed (1 Tbsp) – any – I use Linwoods with Vitamin D as I’m always looking for more of that sunshine vitamin!

– Fat Free Plain Greek Yoghurt (1 large pot)

– Fresh Bananas (chopped)

– Fresh Blueberries (100grams approx)



1)     Blend the Oats, Walnuts and Almonds together to start with for around 5 minutes, or until broken down to your desired texture.

2)     Add in the Dates and other Dried Fruit and repeat the blending for a few minutes.

3)     Next add in all of the other ingredients, except for the Greek Yoghurt and the Fresh Fruit (be sparing with the Cacao as a little goes a long way!).

4)     Once this mixture is all blended together remove it from your processor and into a large mixing bowl. Add in the blueberries and chopped banana pieces, then pour on the Greek Yoghurt and stir.

5)     Once everything is mixed together thoroughly have a taste and check you like the general flavour and consistency – here you can either add more Honey to make it sweeter, or Yoghurt to tone down the sweetness etc.

6)     Pour the mixture into your Tupperware container lined with tin foil, and freeze for a good couple of hours to set.

7)     Cut the mixture into squares (or your preferred sized piece) and freeze overnight – mine made 20 little bites so you’re well prepared for breakfast for a while!

So there you go – these are seriously easy to make, and I’m living proof that you don’t need any prior domestic skills to attempt them – just the ability to follow instructions and operate a blender! Enjoy!

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