Monday 2nd of August 2021
Para Power

Para Power: Laura Gulliver, Part Four

Wow how quickly another year has flown by but it’s always lovely to look back and reflect on your achievements.



For Natalia and I we have had a few hurdles to overcome but thankfully I can say we seem to have stepped over them and I feel the time we spent off work actually built an even stronger bond between us.

Natalia seems very happy at the moment. In fact she has remained living out which is quite unbelievable as pre her ulcer treatment she hated being in the field for more than 2 hours. We’d decided that defiantly December she would have to come in at night but when December hit we took the photographs of her and she was positively a picture of health. A team decision was made that if a horse in full winter woollies (she is not clipped) could look this well why change anything. So for the first time in my life I have a grass kept!

img_20161211_125639085_burst001 img_20161211_124351348_burst004

This does however mean that top of Natalia’s Christmas wish list is a portable hot wash- I think this will have to wait for the January sales but in the meantime any recommendations would be gratefully received.

This month we had another trip out (totally stress free thanks to Protexin and the TopSpec UlsaKind cubes)

When I went to bed the night before I couldn’t help feeling smug, it was lovely to hear the howling wind and rain knowing the next day my lesson with Antonia Brown was indoors. But instead the great British weather decided to give me beams of sunlight through the roof. – How typical is that?


This year we decided to make our arena a little more festive and had fun decorating mini Christmas trees to go at markers. These are fantastic not only at brightening the dull days but also to add more oomph!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, health and good luck in  2017.

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