Sunday 19th of March 2023

Parelli Demonstrations at Your Horse Live

Alison Jones and Yellow at play


Do you want to learn some new methods and training techniques to help you and your horse develop a closer bond?

The Parelli UK team will be at Your Horse Live on November 14 and 15 providing a demonstration on both the Saturday and Sunday.



Well known 4* Parelli Professional, Alison Jones will be hosting the demonstrations in the Nettex Arena.

Alison is the longest standing Parelli professional in the UK and having become nervous of misbehaving horses when she was younger turned to this form of training for resolve. She never looked back and now has a passion for helping other horse owners build correct foundations with their horses and creating a true relationship.

Parelli aims to teach owners techniques to enable them to get the very best from their horse. It is based on the Four Savvy’s which are essentially stages of training for horse and rider to progress through. The Parelli training method has helped thousands of horses and their owners from all over the world. It is ideal for improving various issues with ‘problem’ horses or equally benefits every horse and rider combination.

Alison previously spent many weeks training with Parelli founder, Pat Parelli and his wife Linda. She is highly knowledgeable and is sure to provide visitors to the arena with plenty of food for thought.

Parelli will also have a stand at Your Horse Live providing further information, advice and equipment.

Don’t miss out on your chance to witness Parelli in action and improve your partnership with your horse.

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