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Personal Training Fitness for Riders: Legs

katy stokes


Trying to get toned for a competition, summer holiday or special event? Part Two of our Personal Training Fitness for Riders blog concentrates on legs. Katy Stokes has devised a simple plan to really work those glutes and quads, which will help get you beach ready.  




In Part One, Katy, a personal trainer, biomechanics trainer and also a mother to a toddler, explained how making time for exercise often ends up down the priority list but with her short workout, there is no “I don’t have time!” excuse here! Katy’s exercises are simple to follow, can be done around the home or yard and really get results.



“I want to target my legs” is a request I get on a regular basis from clients regardless of whether they ride or not! And with summer being upon us, shorts have been dug out and legs are now on show (eek for some?!). Also, something to bear in mind for those who are going to watch the Europeans at Blair and want to walk the course – big hills!!! Good strong legs will mean you can power up those Scottish hills without batting an eyelid.

Below are 5 exercises to really give your legs a good work out. Make sure you are warmed up first.

A 5 minute jog around the yard or a few times up the stairs is fine.

Squat x 15
Gait post leg blog squat

Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes pointing forward, shoulders back.

Sit down into a squat position until your legs are parallel to the ground and squeeze your glutes (bum muscles).

Then, pushing down through your heels stand back up. 

Lunge x 20
Gait post leg blog lunge 1Gait post leg blog lunge 2 


Starting in a standing position, take a large stride forward & bend the back knee down towards the floor, keeping shoulders back, chest up & looking straight ahead.





Using the front foot push yourself back to the starting position and repeat on the other leg. 


Kickback x 40 (20 each leg)
Gait post leg blog all 4's Gait post leg blog kickback

Start on all 4’s 





Then kick your leg back behind you into a straight leg, squeeze glute then bring leg back down to the start position.


Repeat x 20, then change legs. Keep hips and back still. 

Inner thigh raise x 40 (20 each leg)
Gait post leg blog inner thigh raise 1Gait post leg blog inner thigh raise 2   Start by lying on your side, bring the top leg over and rest on the floor 





Then keeping the lower leg straight raise it up towards the ceiling as far as you can, lower back to the floor and repeat x 20.


Roll onto other side and repeat with the other leg. 

Jump Squat x 10
Gait post leg blog jump squat 1 Gait post leg blog jump squat 2

Start in the bottom of a squat with your arms swung back behind you 






Swing your arms forward and jump up as high as you can!

When landing make sure you have soft knees and go straight back into squat in a fluid movement.



Rest for 30-60 seconds then repeat whole circuit 2 to 4 times.
Make sure you also give your legs a good stretch afterwards.


Let us know how you get on.  You can follow Katy on Twitter here and include @TheGaitpost in your tweet. Good luck!


Katy is an experienced Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Trainer based in the North Cotswolds. Specialising in fitting training into clients’ busy schedules she offers personalised one to one training in a location of your choice. Katy has a strong background in equestrianism, having ridden from the age of 3 with eventing being her discipline of choice and enjoyed success at FEI Ponies and JRN level. She now rides her sister’s event horses and friends race horses when time allows! For more information please visit

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