Tuesday 19th of January 2021
Catherine Mills

Race of a Lifetime, Part Three

Catherine Mills, Group Head of Retention and Equestrian Services for Quintessentially, is one of the eight amateur jockeys taking part in the The Champions Willberry Charity Race in April alongside Nick Skelton, Ben Hobday, Tina Cook and Alice Fox-Pitt. In this blog we catch up with Catherine on her fitness journey to the starters line.

I am now on week 11 of race training. I actually can’t believe I have been coming here for so many weeks. It definitely has got easier as I don’t feel so tired when I have finished the fourth or fifth lot! 

I am starting to feel quite comfortable with the horses that I am getting to know, still slightly cautious when I am given a new one. Especially like today some of the riders said “be careful with that one it can be quite keen” a few moments later it was leaping around the arena! 

Today I will be heading for a PT session at Oaksey house. Really cracking on with the fitness side and also trying to cut out alcohol. It was tricky last night as we had a client drinks at a Private Members club in Mayfair and the canapés and drinks looked amazing! 

Not long now to go, still trying to remain focused and put as much effort in as I possibly can. I actually think I will really miss riding out for Jamie and his team as they are such a nice, friendly group. I won’t miss the early starts though! 

I now have three great sponsors for branding on the day Quintessentially, Devoucoux and most recently Tharos a new feed and supplements product. I am very excited to have these brands supporting me on the day. 

And amongst all this we also did our first BE of the season which was Great Witchingham on Sunday, on First Date II – It was really more about having a play with him as it was his first cross-country on grass. We jumped clear but picked up some time penalities but feeling excited for the season ahead!


Till next time….


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