Tuesday 21st of March 2023
Rachael Green

Rachael Green: Summer Adventures

After escaping for a short break away to Portugal while some of the horses are still out on their holidays. Rachael is busy looking for new members of staff and on the look out for new talented horses to join the string.

Rachael and Harry

Rachael and Harry

At the sales

We had a day at Ascot Sales on Tuesday. The plan was to add to the string, and having had a good look at the few we picked out in the catalogue, checking their legs, confirmation and movement, we came away empty handed being under bidders on a couple. It was a bit disappointing as we really enjoy it when a new horse arrives. You have the hope that you will gain improvement out of them whether that’s in their fitness, mannerisms or jumping ability, which is all part of getting to know them, and it’s always exciting and challenging.

Harry is content to come with us at the moment, as he is only three months old. I am a great fan of the sales and don’t want to miss out on helping Anthony pick out our new inmates. Luckily for us we have a very amenable son who tends to fit in with our lives and is happy to drink and sleep on the move.

Somerset County Cricket Club

Somerset County Cricket and are in the process of setting up a package with its Club members that includes being part of owning a race horse with us, which is really exciting. Last week we had a fantastic evening being entertained in the boxes while the club played Kent. Unfortunately they lost, which knocked them out of the 20 20 series, but that didn’t temper what was a super night. It’s a great relationship. Our owners really enjoy the cricket and we very much enjoy entertaining Club members here.

Regal Encore

Regal Encore

Summer regime

Ten horses are in at the moment at Potwell Farm including Regal Encore and Pure Vision who came back from their summer holidays in Ireland last week, and new recruits Midnight King, who is a full brother to Midnight Minx, a mare who won four races with us, and Unify, another Midnight Legend offspring bought for the Anthony Honeyball Racing Club who has been knocking on the door in her recent runs for her previous trainer. The rest will come in at the beginning of August.

I was joking to Anthony that he will have to look after Harry full time as I have got a busy season ahead riding out my favourites Rouqine Sauvage, Regal Encore and Midnight Tune along with a lovely three-year-old we bred called Nocturnal Myth. He’s got a huge character and can be quite sharp, but he’s only a three-year-old and he goes beautifully up the gallop.

New staff

We are looking for staff to join us and need a full time groom and a yard person. Working in racing is a great job and the full time position entails yard duties, riding out, going to the races, and schooling if they have the ability. If they ride well they’ll have regular lessons with Jabeena Maslin jumping in the indoor school as we do a lot of pole work.

Jabeena heads to Rio very soon as coach of the pentathlon team. She’s such a huge asset to our yard and comes every week during the busy period. Having an extra pair of eyes on the ground really improves the horses’ technique. She has so much experience and will know how to teach a horse to finish off its jump or sharpen up in front.

A good summer for horses

The weather this summer has been great for horses so far as it hasn’t been too hot. The flies haven’t affected the horses out in the fields on their summer breaks too much and with the bit of rain about the grass is growing nicely so they are putting on weight. It also means the ground at the summer tracks has remained safe.

Short break

We had a quick visit to Portugal for three nights to visit Harry and Ciara Fry and it was lovely to have a break and have some sun on our backs. It worked really well as Anthony doesn’t like the sun so he sat in the shade playing with Harry while I did some sunbathing.

We will probably try and get a few more days away before the summer ends. I’d like to go to Ireland and have a little tour, looking at some bigger yards, or there’s a foal show in France that we’ve been invited to, and it might mean we can buy a foal at the same time so we’d mixing business with pleasure. Racing is such a results driven industry and you always have to be buying the next horses and upping your game.


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