Tuesday 3rd of August 2021
Rose Hugh Smith

Rose Hugh Smith: Future Star Part 3


Free from exams, we catch up with future star, Rose Hugh Smith, as she shares her news with us…and its pretty big news !


IMG_1443I’m glad to start of by saying I have finished all my GCSE’s and I am also somewhat relieved that they all went well!


Last time I wrote to you all I was looking forward to Wellington Premier League, although he was a bit tense throughout the test meaning we lost a few marks, we still managed a solid 68% score leading us to another win! After our two consecutive wins at Premier Leagues and a very very long maths test… I got the much anticipated phone call from the selectors…. And was thrilled to be in reserve for the European team! 

FlIMG_1429o has just gone from strength to strength and has certainly surpassed any expectations we had, if you had told me two years ago that the horse we had just bought of the BD was going to make reserve on our first year of Juniors, I probably would of laughed my head of and called you delusional but here I am writing about my amazing black beauty and all we have accomplished together throughout the past years.

Camp was such a good experience especially because I got to train with one of the top judges in the world, Stephen Clarke. He transformed Flo’s way of going and thinks we are capable of getting 9’s for our walk work! After the season ended Flo and I have cracked on with training and we are now working on four time changes and working canter pirouettes… His winning streak just hasn’t seemed to of ended either as I competed the other day and came home with two wins at 69.4% and over 71%! (Lets hope my winning streak lasts until the regionals)


IMG_1927Speaking of beautiful horses DJ has been dropping jaws wherever we go (If he stays calm and doesn’t get too excited). We recently competed at Fairoak Grange which was a very memorable day for two reasons… Firstly because it was the calmest he has been and although we had three massive and costly spooks in the first test we managed a good score of over 72% winning the class, followed by a personal best of over 74% and yet another win.

11709674_1004255892920215_6521738961009175359_nSecondly because half way through my first test I heard a voice from the side of the arena saying “errrr I don’t know where I am, I’ve lost my way.” It was my mother who got lost while calling my test, this lead to me completing winging the next movement (someone must have been looking out for me as I was right just a few metres late) and looking at the judge to see her in giggles as my mother helplessly tried to figure out where I was. I couldn’t help but laugh it off as I don’t think I would be any better … needless to say I think I would be better of learning my test!



I also got to experience what it was like to be a stockbroker in the city by doing work experience at the UK’s leading market maker, Winterflood Securities. I met some very fun and interesting people that I hope I won’t lose touch with whilst having a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit at all the different trading desks from AIM to FTSE 250 and learn how they operate.

Whilst I was in London I took the time to see some friends and went to support Fred Light at his gig, a night filled with excitement and a lot of tube stations… Although it was a great week it was also a very tiring one, as I had to get up early for the train and rode both my horses when I got back, apart from the one night I spent with friends (which didn’t help my tiredness at all).



IMG_2434I feel very lucky to have such amazing horsepower behind me as Flo just keeps on improving and DJ develops muscle and understanding with each ride! As I have been working them so hard recently I think they deserve a holiday before the regionals, as I’m off to Scotland and WOMAD (where I will be wearing the amazing wellies from Mooi en Lief) so now seems perfect!

I will keep you all updated!

Until next time,


Rose X




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