Saturday 8th of May 2021

The Horse Photographer donates to Nic Roldan’s 2nd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party

World renowned fine art photographer Matthew Seed – The Horse Photographer – demonstrates his continued support for equestrian charity by donating a piece of his equestrian fine art to Nic Roldan’s dazzling Annual Sunset Polo & White Party.


‘White Andalusian’

The exquisite piece of fine art depicts a stunning ‘white’ Andalusian stallion especially chosen to reflect the famous ‘White’ Party theme.

Nic Roldan’s 2nd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party returns to The Wanderers Club, Wellington, Florida on 24 March and is hosted by Mark and Katherine Bellissimo to benefit Brooke USA. 

Nic first became a Brooke USA ambassador in 2016 putting his signature on this major fundraising event of the year. The inaugural event raised over $140,000 for Brooke USA, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the charities; Action for Working Horses and Donkeys.

‘I’m delighted to be supporting this event as horses are a pivotal part of my life and its important for me to contribute to such a committed equestrian charity and by doing so help to change the lives of working horses and donkeys around the world,’ said Matthew.

One of Matthew’s main inspirations is the English painter, George Stubbs, to whom he has often been referred.

‘Painters such as Stubbs have the advantage of being able to interpret what they see and often paint in a beautiful light to highlight the horse’s powerful muscles and topline’ said Matthew.

‘Sculpting light provides the authenticity that post production techniques, such as Photoshop, could never achieve, particularly when shooting outdoors.’

‘Horses are beautiful animals to photograph but it often takes some time to earn their trust and my aim is to form a bond and understand each horse I photograph in order to capture their essence.’

Matthew has developed his unique skill over a number of years and has a true affinity with the horse. Photographers all over the world have tried to emulate Matthew’s style of photography which he has found flattering, however as yet they have been unable to capture the subtleness of his lighting technique together with the working partnership and bond he forms with each horse.

For Matthew the most important factor is always the horse not just the style. To connect, to understand and to capture the horse’s personality is vital – without these essential elements all the dramatic lighting in the world would be wasted. 

What is the most important factor in The Horse Photographers work?

‘To ensure that I take time to connect with every horse I photograph and to truly present them in their best light.’

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