Thursday 10th of June 2021

The Life of Brian Part 2

Brian, the mini pom, sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission will be showcasing his favourite products for doggies with style.

With spring in the air and a certain strut in my step, I’m super excited about the prospect of my first ever summer. Other dogs have told me this is a time when I’ll be grateful for a bath and too hot even to bother chasing the cat.

Now, with the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival this month, if they did allow dogs out for a day at the races, I’d certainly wear this Tuxedo Dog Harness. Perfect for those days when you need to dress up for that special occasion or when visiting relatives who don’t love dogs to make you look dead cute and therefore entirely adorable & make up for digging up all their new spring bedding plants. The main part of the halter is calf leather and features a soft padded chest plate so it’s comfy and stylish and you can even choose the bow and polka dot spot colour. As I’m a ‘black and white’ outlook on life kind of pup, this one suits me perfectly. RRP: £145

There still seems to be lots of mud about, and after a long muddy, wet walk, ideally I would really like to chill out on the cream sofa but for some reason that’s a ‘no go’ so this is the next best thing. The Tuffie Tunnel is a cover that fits over the brand’s mattresses and becomes your very own ‘dog cave’ Styled in a thick, heavy duty luxury fleece this perfect for stashing stuff that you’re not supposed to have like visitors shoes and shredded mail. RRP from: £39.00

I love my food, and so when someone mentioned cupcakes FOR dogs, I woofed with joy. This Iced Woofin Cupcake comes in Vanilla or Carob and is a doggie delicious sponge cake with a yummy swirl of their famous yoghurt frosting and decorated with canine treats. A mouthwatering present for your pooch and they even make birthday cakes so we can celebrate with all our friends – Pawsome!!!

From RRP: £3.50



As the weather is getting better, we seem to be taken longer walks (Or maybe that’s because I don’t want to come home) so to help our humans stash all their stuff (and ours) I’ve found this super stylish alternative to the bum bag. This ‘walking pocket’ can clip to your belt and is just the right size for either your keys, phone and my poo bags and treats. Handmade in the UK. I think you humans will love them! RRP: £10.00


I’m pretty smitten with the look and sound of this bone toy. It’s got pure anise (aniseed herb) inside which apparently is really attractive to dogs, but as a stylish canine myself it’s also about the good looks as well, and I dig this fresh collection featuring three fabulous fabric patterns. Designed and handmade in England, my favourite is this version in ‘Circus Stripe’ fabric. I hope I get one for my birthday so I can ‘clown’ around with that when visitors come over. RRP: £9.95

Brian Tries…


I love my food but apparently, I’m not human so can’t eat the food they eat and as a pup, I need all good stuff to keep me healthy as I grow. This month I tried Bob & Lush Fresh Duck Kibble for puppies and juniors and have to say I’m hooked! It’s got 100% fresh meat (Yes I know!) real vegetables (Potatoes and Peas) is grain free and has no artificial preservatives either (whatever that means) the kibble is nice and small so it’s great for my baby teeth, and it’s also got lots of Omega 3, and 6 and my coat has started to get really shiny too! I love this food and wolf it down as soon as dinner is served!

2kg size RRP: £16.99

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