Friday 23rd of October 2020

Father’s Day: The Tie Edit

Here’s our pick of the best equestrian ties to treat your Dad to on Father’s Day (17th June in case you’re wondering when!)

1. Beaufort and Blake Snaffle Printed Silk Tie £69.00 2. Beaufort and Blake Air Horse One Printed Silk Tie, £69.00 3. Ferragamo Oriental Elephant and Horse Printed Tie, £135.00 4. Laura Ashley Embroidered Horse Silk Tie,  £15.00 5. Soprano Jockeys and Horses On Blue Ground Country Silk Tie, £23.95 6. Country and Home Yellow Jockey Country Silk Tie, £19.50 7. Tweedmans Vintage Horse and hounds blue silk bow tie self-tie, £14.99 8. Vineyard Vines Horseshoe Tie, £75.46 9. PS BY PAUL SMITH
Zebra Jacquard Tie, £90.00 10. Horse Racing Pattern Graphic Silver Tie, £28.15 11. Samuel Windsor Country Tie – Hound £19.50 12. Mrs Bow Tie Foxes, £35.00 

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