Saturday 8th of May 2021

Voltaire Design Roll Out Junior Programme

Voltaire Design the leading manufacturer of high end French sports saddles has announced it is rolling out their Junior Programme to young riders in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

For many different reasons young riders often need a change of saddle from one year to the next, this can cover a variety of different reasons, perhaps a change in preferences or simply down to rider growing or a change of pony or horse.  All parents know that the cost to those buying the saddles can be expensive.

Voltaire Design’s Junior Programme has been designed to help offset this expense and offer children and young riders, up to the age of 19, the opportunity to trade their saddle in each year in exchange for a brand new Voltaire Design replacement at a reduced fixed price.

To be enrolled in the Junior Programme the lucky participant only has to purchase a Voltaire Design saddle and then each year thereafter has the option to trade in the saddle with Voltaire Design on the anniversary of entering the Junior Programme at a fixed cost of just £500 per year since the last renewal.

This unique and innovative Programme for Junior riders provides flexibility for the horse and rider to develop and evolve whilst enabling the partnership to compete in the very best in high end saddles. Yet the Junior Programme provides the bill payer with a guaranteed price for the next saddle and at it’s conclusion leaves the rider in a brand new, fully customised Voltaire Design saddle on their 19th Birthday.

Those lucky enough to enrol in the Junior Programme at either Olympia International Horse Show or Liverpool International Horse Show this December can take advantage of Voltaire Design’s incredible Olympia and Liverpool Show Offer of free girth, stirrup leathers and numnah with all new saddles purchased at either Horse Show.

To book your completely free and no obligation trial and fitting of a Voltaire Design saddle in the comfort of your own home or yard contact your local Sports Saddle Specialist today, details available on the Voltaire Design United Kingdom Facebook page.

For more information about Voltaire Design visit

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