Friday 22nd of January 2021

Wardrobe Declutter Tips To Beat Lockdown Boredom

With lockdown a reality, it might be time to use the time to review your household clutter, including your wardrobe! To help you with the mammoth task of sorting out your clothes, Anna Butler Stewart, Founder of heritage fashion label, Butler Stewart, shares her top 5 tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe.

Be ruthless. The first rule to sorting through your wardrobe is to be prepared to be ruthless in sorting out what you want to keep and what you need to donate to charity or sell. If you haven’t worn it for longer than 12 months or it doesn’t fit you anymore, it needs to go in the ‘to review’ pile.

You now have your ‘to keep’ clothes separated. Lay them out into different piles; jackets, coats, dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories.

Now that you are more organised, start to think about outfits. Put together an outfit laid out on the floor and take a photograph. You can create an album called ‘Outfit Inspo’ on your phone and add sub-folders for casual day, smart day, office, evening and party or spring, summer, autumn, winter etc. This will keep a visual record of all the combinations you have to wear, so you can simply look at a glance to decide what to wear.

Now that you have sorted your clothes out, you will notice some stray items – do you really need to keep these? Or could they be upcycled and give someone else the joy of wearing them? Again, add to your ‘review’ pile. You may have also spotted some gaps. These are the only items you now need to look to buy. I’m a passionate believer in slow fashion and heritage garments, our brand has been built upon designing garments that will become a staple of your wardrobe and stand the test of time in both quality and design. Choose to add in these ‘investment buys’ to upgrade your wardrobe instantly; a gorgeous tailored jacket or a smart pencil skirt, for example, can be worn throughout the seasons.

Finally, sort out all your broken and metal hangers before hanging all your clothes up into colour palettes or garment sections (blouses/shirts, Jackets/coats, skirts/trousers etc. If you have the room to store away winter clothes into moth proof storage bags then now is the time to do this to give you more closet space. Now that you have a ‘review’ pile of clothes left it can be tempting to add some back into your wardrobe, but the likelihood is that you’ll never or will very rarely ever wear these items again. Be disciplined and bag them up and away from your wardrobe (so there is no temptation to dip into them!). Once you have donated or sold them, you won’t even notice that they are gone!

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