Wednesday 12th of May 2021

Zoetis supports veterinary extramural studies with recognition awards

Zoetis Ltd has shown its support for the extramural studies programme at the University of Bristol by providing awards in recognition of the contribution practices make and the commitment shown by vet students and vet nurses.

The awards, comprising academic book vouchers, were presented at the University’s RCVS ceremony after graduation earlier this month.

Fiona Ridout won the award for the most engaged veterinary student on EMS placement. She had consistently excellent feedback across all her placements and significantly exceeded the RCVS required number of weeks for pre-clinical and clinical EMS. Feedback comments included: 

‘Fiona has been highly motivated and reliable, always keen to help and gain experience’. ‘Fiona is one of the best students that we’ve have ever had’. ‘Her clinical knowledge improves each time she visits’. ‘Interactions from staff and clients have been impressive’.

Megan Piper won the award for the most engaged veterinary nursing student on EMS placement. Megan received excellent feedback from her EMS placements and from her rotations. Feedback comments included: 

‘When Megan qualifies she will make an excellent nurse and a very valued member of any team’. ‘Megan has consistently demonstrated a professional, motivated approach to her work in practice’. ‘Our Referral Vets and Clinical Director were all very sad that she has finished her placement with us, and have invited her to come back once she has qualified’. 

Donaldson’s Vets Maple Street Surgery in Huddersfield won the students’ award for outstanding clinical EMS placement 2018. Comments received from students included: 

‘They are an extremely supportive team that are very keen to teach and get the students involved at every opportunity’. ‘They are very good at getting students involved and making them feel like part of the team’.

Golden Valley Vets in Nailsea Park, Bristol won the students’ award for most supportive veterinary nursing placement practice. Comments received from students included:

‘All the staff were really friendly, welcoming and patient and I left feeling like part of the team’. ‘I was actively encouraged and supported with my Nursing Progress Log during my time there.’

The RCVS requires vet students to spend 26 weeks in a clinical setting alongside vets as an integral part of their education. Placements are assessed in a formative manner and the EMS prize gives an opportunity to award student excellence. There is no requirement for practices to provide EMS placements so the EMS practice prizes are a valuable way to recognise the significant contribution they make to veterinary education through providing opportunities for EMS. Vet nurses spend a year with a practice. Whilst the practice does benefit from the nurse’s work they still need to invest time and effort into ensuring day one competencies are achieved and this also involves large amounts of paperwork.

Veronica Roberts, Senior Clinical Fellow in Equine Medicine at the University of Bristol said:

“The University of Bristol believes that EMS prizes encourage and acknowledge student learning in a practical ‘real world’ situation, thus supporting the university in its aim to prepare graduates for day one competencies and life-long learning. We are grateful to practices for the invaluable contribution they make towards student education through offering EMS placements.”

Wendy Talbot, National Equine Veterinary Manager at Zoetis continued:

“At Zoetis we are dedicated to supporting animal health through a wide range of quality medicines, vaccines, services and education so we are proud to sponsor these important prizes. They enable winning students to choose a preferred academic resource to help support them during their important first years in practice, while the winning practices can be formally thanked for their invaluable commitment and support. ”

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