Sunday 17th of October 2021

Amelia Brenna-Vaccaro January’s NAF Shining Star

Kicking 2017 off to a fantastic start it is announced that fourteen year-old Amelia Brenna-Vaccaro from York, a bubbly and enthusiastic member of the North Yorkshire Junior Academy, has been awarded the NAF Shining Star for January 2017.

Amelia Brennan Vaccaro - January 2017

Amelia was nominated for the award by Lead Coach Hannah Barker who said the following about her nominee:

“Amelia has been a constant member of our junior Area academy. She has two 148cm ponies she brings, which she is bringing on and competing successfully. Recently she has qualified for Blue Chip. 

Amelia is always smiling and enthusiastic to coach, she listens well and her and her ponies are constantly improving. Amelia totally understands the importance of her flatwork and training. It is great to see her win this award to encourage her enthusiasm”

Amelia began her ridden career on Hamish, the tiny coloured terror whom she rode in the show ring at the tender age of two years-old. From there she progressed, at the age of six years-old, where she would take Tilly the 12.2hh pony that would take on anything but only at a trot. It is was on board Tilly that Amelia learned to jump and in 2014 Amelia joined British Showjumping after being kindly lent a friend showjumping pony. They hit it off straight away making it through to the 128 cm Stepping Stones at the British Showjumping National Championships, finishing in an amazing 8th place.

When she was told of her award Amelia said:

“I was so surprised when my mum told me. It is really over whelming to think I have been picked out of all the nominees from throughout the country and that Hannah has taken the time to nominate me! Being a member of the academy has really helped boost my confidence.  There is something different to challenge you in each session and it is always something you would not think of doing at home. I want to say a big thank you to Hannah for nominating me and for being such a great Coach!”  

Melissa Newman, NAF Brand Manager, added:

“It’s always a pleasure hearing about enthusiastic members such as Amelia. We wish to congratulate Amelia on her recent qualifications and achievements with her two ponies.  This success is no doubt due to her hard work, dedication and her understanding of the importance of training. Well done Amelia!”

Amelia will kindly receive some NAF equine products to use alongside the supplements that she currently uses.

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The NAF Shining Star Award was introduced when NAF became a British Showjumping Business Partner. The award is for members of a Junior Academy who have shown a great deal of commitment, progression and outstanding behaviour along with their riding ability and much more. Riders are nominated by their lead coach, and then judged and awarded by NAF to one person each month.

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