Thursday 8th of April 2021

The Life of Brian

This month, to celebrate the inclusion of dog friendly hotels in The Gaitpost’s 2017 Event Guide, in association with Champagne Pol Roger, we welcome on board our new contributor, Brian, the mini pom as our dog out on the streets sniffing out the best buys for discerning pooches. From field to city, our pooch on a mission will be show casing his favourite products for doggies with style.

This is me with my girl Taz taken out on a romantic run.

This is me with my girl Taylor

Welcome to my new Style column with plenty of woof appeal. As a dog about town (and stables), I’ve got a nose for sniffing out great doggie gear and while Valentine’s might have been and gone, love is still in the air when it comes to picking the best buys for my girl Taylor (Pictured here on our Valentine’s date).


As a pupster, I like to express myself by chewing skirting boards and barking at my own reflection in the window, but for a more sophisticated take on life, say it with these great dog tags Growlees. I’d like to give Taylor one of these, but I hope she won’t literally run away because last time she did that, she got in big trouble with her humans. Choose from over 30 fabulous slogans to let your dog do the talking.

RRP: £10

Pink Dog Socks

I love these cute love heart socks. I’m not sure Taylor would be able to squeeze her paws into them, but for those who have petite paws, they’ll keep toes toasty till the warmer weather arrives. Plus they also feature paw shaped anti-slip silica pads, which gives a firm grip to wooden and tiled floors – ideal for building up speed in ball chasing on less than ideal surfaces.

RRP: £6


Now, I have a deep passion for getting soaking wet, but it seems my humans don’t appear to share my love of the rain or puddles, so this dog drying robe will keep them happy. Apparently, it wicks away 80% of moisture in 15 minutes, which means if we are caught in the rain or puddles in the woods, I can be dry by the time we are back home by car – genius! It comes in 7 sizes from XS – 3XL and also has natural anti-bacterial properties thanks to its organic bamboo fibre and absorbent viscose fabric. As a dog, I don’t understand that bit, but my humans are nodding in agreement on that one. 

RRP: £85

Boughton & Co Dog Collar

They say you wear your heart on your sleeve in love, well I don’t have sleeves, but If I wanted to show my canine love how much I cared, I’d be gifting one of these beautiful leather collars with bespoke hand stamped name for that extra special personal touch. You can also choose your contrast stitching colour, and they also know us dogs very well as they’ve put a protective lacquer on the collar so the humans can wipe down with warm soapy water if we do get mucky. Clever thinking Broughton & Co!

RRP: £40

Katies-Candles-8- mpr

Everyone needs a touch of luxury in their lives and homes, and when I pick up a scent I like, I don’t forget it, which is why I’ve chosen this gorgeous scented candle to ensure romance and ‘Dark Amber’ are in the air next time Taylor pops round. With three wicks it won’t take long to fill the house with an exotic fragrance which will also hopefully also dispel any whiff of pet odours (The cat I mean)

RRP: £35

Puppy Love Shampoo

Brian Tries

Animology Pup Love Shampoo.

Looking and feeling good is important to me but I have to be careful what I use on my baby skin, and fur (Mud/puddles, etc. all OK-ish in my book), but this dog shampoo promises to be gentle yet deep cleaning, which is a win-win really. One shampoo, wash and blow dry later, my fur looks and feels more silky and soft and I smelt fabulous. Feeling more Beyoncé than Brian, I stepped out, like I’d just stepped out of a salon….

RRP: £5.50

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