Friday 16th of April 2021

Back Stretch with Chukka Wellness

We hope you enjoyed India’s lovely neck stretch last week. It’s great to feel like my shoulders aren’t in my ears anymore!

This week India brings us a brilliant back stretch to really iron out all those jammed up muscles. I’m definitely feeling taller having done this for a few days.

Back injuries are highly common amongst riders. If you’ve been stuck in lockdown not doing too much riding, you may have been suffering from slight back soreness. Try out these back stretches to improve range of movement and stop any further soreness.


Start on your hands and knees – arch your back and round your back. Keep this movement dynamic starting off with a small amount of movement and as the muscles start to relax, create a bigger ‘arch’ and ‘rounding’ movement.

Sit back on to your heels into ‘child’s pose’ and lower your head to the ground

Stretch out your hands to full extension and gently walk them over to the left – hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the right side.



For more information on how to bulletproof your body and become twice as supple, stable and strong in the saddle, Chukka Wellness has created a virtual fitness membership hub aka ‘The Chukka Hub’. The hub is full of rider specific workouts, mobility and stretching routines, nutritional guidance, interviews from some of the world’s top players and so much more!!! In February the hub will also be launching an interactive 8-week pre-season training programme to get polo players fit for the next UK season!

Visit for more information.

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