Wednesday 18th of November 2020

Christmas Cheer: The Life of Brian Part 11

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch on a mission to discover the best products for doggies with style this Christmas! 

It seems that while everyone else in the family is being asked what they want for Christmas, I appear to have been left out, so on behalf of dogs across the land,  here are my top tips for you humans (you’re welcome).

This Christmas it is all about me (well, that’s what I’ve decided anyway!) This is my second Christmas and last year I mainly enjoyed opening some of the presents that were left under the tree. This year, I’m told that this was not appreciated.

As I like to be suitably dressed for every occasion (Christmas included), I am going to be taking my Christmas morning walk dressed in this festive Owl Dog Jumper. I swerved the elf and Santa outfits but fell in love with this fun yet stylish number! The Owl Dog Jumper is exclusive to Canine & Co and comes in a variety of sizes so all my fur friends can easily join in the dressing up fun.

RRP: £16.95

Now, this Christmas bauble might not be your idea of amazing, but it will undoubtedly have your dog’s tail wagging! Designed to be hung from the tree, this plastic bauble is filled with a delicious mix of training treats and dried prawns, squid and octopus). They contain no colours or preservatives and are wheat and gluten free too! Apparently, Cats can enjoy this festive treat also although I will be pretty annoyed if the cat decides to get involved with this fishy festive delight!


I think I’ve found possible the best (And most healthiest) Christmas hungry hound hamper out there. It contains such doggie delights as beef flavoured non-alcoholic dog beer, popcorn and peanut butter and jelly biscuits bites as well as other delicious goodies, tug toy, ball and mug for human in a cute wicker bone shaped hamper basket. A wooftastic gift for any special pooch in the family this Christmas!

RRP: £39.99


I love getting involved with things. Things like pulling clothes off the drying rack,  hiding socks and crawling under the dresser and then discovering I am stuck. So when my human presented me with the K9 Connectables Collection to test, I really thought all my Christmases had come early!

It did arrive with a festive red stocking as well, but I couldn’t wait to try out the toy. The clever toy can be filled with treats, and when connected together, it’s my job work out how to bag myself a treat. To say this kept me busy for hours is an understatement – I am obsessed and its certainly coming with me when we go visit friends and family over the festive period as I can get overly excited and find it hard to settle down.

This toy has different challenge levels so mentally I’m getting a good work out, and my human is grateful for the fact it can also go in the dishwasher as I like to bury it in the flower bed. Easy to assemble and fun to play with.  This toy gets my tail wagging, and the ball connection is also a… ball! So I can have playtime just with that element also! It also floats on water and its great for retrieving in the park as it has lots of holes for my little teeth to get a good grip on!

© Conor McCabe Photography

One segment starts from 11.99 Euros, and you can click and connect other add-ons so you can build a fantastic toy for your dog. I got my paws on their Christmas Stocking Bundle at 34.99 Euros which saves you over 10% off buying them, individually. Perfect for dogs like me who love to play but want a good mental challenge!

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