Monday 30th of March 2020
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8 Christmas Gifts for Country Lovers

These charming and witty Christmas gift ideas for the ultimate country lover are just a click away, which leaves you more time to get back to your menu planning.

1.Total Fox 1/2 Pint Mug (boxed), £19.95, Emma Bridgewater

2. Telling Tails, £8.99, Waterstones

3. Too early to drink…tea towel, £7.99, Qwerkity

4. Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre, £5.99, Amazon UK

5. Hedgehog Igloo, £29.99 Qwerkity

6. Game birds tea towel, £7.99, Emma Bridgwater

7. Fake News, £9.99, Amazon

8. Tottering By Gently Pleasure of Gardening apron, £15.00, Annie Tempest

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