Saturday 8th of May 2021

Clients reach their goals with Dressage Anywhere

Leading online dressage competition and training provider, Dressage Anywhere, offers riders around the world the opportunity to compete online without needing to travel from their yard.


Berkshire Riding Centre (BRC) is a BHS approved riding school, livery yard, BHS Where to Train Centre and Pony Club Centre and has been competing with Dressage Anywhere since 2016.

Rosie Lord, director of the centre, formed a team of staff members, riding school clients and livery clients who all compete riding a variety of riding school horses. The team compete at various levels from introductory to elementary level and are having great success.

Rosie’s focus is on helping riders, both riding school and livery clients, not only learn to ride but also to train and learn to compete. For many, however, they learn to ride and train but competing is not something they can do without their own horse or transport. Through Dressage Anywhere competitions, a whole new area of experience is made available, giving them the opportunity to experience competitive riding.

‘I am so pleased we have found Dressage Anywhere,’ said Rosie. ‘It has given my clients a greater level of focus with their riding; they can now set their own goals and have a very real measure of their progression on results day.’

‘We love that so many riding establishments experience the benefit of entering our competitions,’ said Ruth Chappell of Dressage Anywhere. ‘Making competitive dressage more accessible is at the very heart of Dressage Anywhere and we’re so delighted to see the BRC team competing with us regularly. Feedback from some of the world’s leading British Dressage and FEI judges helps riders review their performance and understand what they need to achieve to improve to reach the next level.’ 

BRC team member Angela Felstead said:

‘I like the preparation before and I love the feedback – which leads me to my next challenge.’ 

Karen Stocker, also a BRC team member, added:

‘Dressage Anywhere has transformed my riding.  It’s given my solo training sessions a real focus and purpose and I can see real progression in both my riding and my horse’s way of going. It’s not as daunting entering Dressage Anywhere competitions so my nerves don’t get the better of me, but I still have the excitement of competing against other riders and being marked by a recognised and experienced dressage judge – I even won a rosette!’

Dressage Anywhere runs monthly competition and training classes, including qualifiers for British Dressage, The Pony Club and RDA Online Dressage Championships. 

For more information on Dressage anywhere see, contact or 07592 155374.

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