Sunday 29th of March 2020
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8 hacks for life in the lorry

In preparation for life on the road, we’ve found 8 great hacks for you to use in a confined space…from storage tricks to fun lights for life in the lorry.

1. Prep for the communal showers with this clever hack by using a lanyard to attach your travel sized bottles to. No more slippery bottles in the mud!

Source: Pinterest

2. Use magazine folders to store provisions such as veg, or washing up kit or silver foil and cling film boxes

Source: RV Obsession

3. Up cycle your water bottles by refilling and dropping a glow stick in to make some fun night lights for the lorry or leave by the door as a guide to know where you have parked when stumbling back from the parties. Buy glow sticks here

4. Perfect for treating the team after a long day, re-use empty squeezey bottles by filling with pancake mix before you leave home. 

5. Keep muddy shoes from clogging up the entrance with this clever hack for hanging them from a door using a bridle hanger

Source: RV Camping

6. Store your First Aid supplies high up and handy with this clever use of some elastic and staples

Source: BuzzFeed

7. Ditch the bacon butties with a nutritious breakfast to start the day. Prepare these Mason Jars of goodness in advance and keep in the cooler box for when you need them. You can also make salads and pasta meals. For more ideas, click here 

8. Next time you’re at the Pound Shop, seek out some shower caps – not only will they keep the flies off your salad (when it warms up!) but they are great for putting over muddy boots if you have to nip back to the lorry to change.

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